What are the options for reorienting yourself after a master’s degree?

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If you already have a Master’s degree, you can change your field of study to reorient yourself. There are several schools and institutes to choose from. INSEEC is distinguished by the plurality of its training courses and the provision of many tools for the success of your professional life.

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Why decide to reorient yourself after a Master’s degree?

Your current Master’s degree is anything but the thread of your happiness? You want to reorient yourself because:

  • you are afraid of failure;
  • your current field of study lacks opportunities;
  • your training is inadequate or insufficient;
  • your current school has a bad reputation;
  • you wish to acquire more knowledge to improve your skills;
  • you want to target a specific industry,
  • you made a choice of training by default and you now regret it;
  • you are disillusioned about your career path;
  • you have a crush on a new job?

Which schools should I choose after a Master’s degree?

Engineering school, IEP, IAE, University

At the university, you can apply to other masters programs in different cities. The selection is based on your academic record and your profile. You also have the possibility of studying in an engineering school, with parallel admissions, if you have a Bac+3 from a university. Admission is by competitive examination and oral or written tests.

You can also take competitive exams to study at an Institute of Political Studies (IEP) or an Institute of Business Administration (IAE).

Private business school, professionalization, in alternation with Alumni Network and companies

An effective solution for reorientation is to integrate INSEEC. We have a reputation and we have built our reputation on work-study programs. Ourwork-study program is an apprenticeship system that allows you to study at school and train for a job in a company. You will quickly gain solid professional experience. In addition, your studies are financed and you receive a salary from the company that employs you. Thus, such a formula is a win-win for both the company and you.

In addition, you benefit from a network of former INSEEC students called “Alumni“. They participate in the development of INSEEC’s programs. They are fully involved in the transmission of the values carried by INSEEC. They share their experiences, their visions of their jobs, to encourage you.

Also, you can join our MSc courses. You can choose from several specialized courses, divided into 10 areas of expertise: Finance, Real Estate, HR and Health, Sports, Communication, Marketing, Digital & Data, Luxury and Wine, International, Business.

How to apply to INSEEC?

Are you hesitating to join INSEEC? We are a prestigious private business school . We are specialized in management. We are part of the Omnes Education group, which includes 13 schools. We place a strong emphasis on international education. Our courses can be taken in London or San Francisco. We are known for the employability of our students. We also distinguish ourselves by our work-study programs.

We offer 4 training programs, which you can join from Bac to Bac+5. Our admission requirements are:

  • Apply for the first year of the MSc if you have a Bac+3 or are in the process of validating a Bac+3;
  • Apply for the 2nd year of MSc if you have a Bac+4 or are in the process of validating a Bac+4;
  • validation of the application and a motivation oral
  • Our programs are available in continuing education for employees or professionals in retraining,

Our start dates are in September and February.

How to successfully reorient yourself in business school?

Studying at INSEEC means learning professional training, but not only. You give yourself the means to acquire other qualities such as soft skills. Thus, our trainings also rhyme with a good associative life. It offers you great human adventures, to learn to live and build with others. Such experiences allow you to really assert yourself and project yourself into your future professional life.

Also, we organize monthly meetings with professionals who are experts in their respective fields. These professionals share their experience, tips and tricks for a better integration in your dream job. Their intervention allows you to discover their daily life and to envisage yours once you graduate.

Updated 25 January 2024