What profession should I do in the luxury goods industry?

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Working for a luxury brand, in fashion or for a world-renowned luxury company requires specific skills and competencies. This is why specialized training is essential. What profession in the luxury goods industry should I choose? This page is made to help you in your choice.

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What professions exist in the luxury trade?

As in marketing, there are jobs related to products, marketing intelligence, and market research in the luxury business. We can list among others the luxury store manager and the merchandising manager. These jobs consist of promoting products to customers, through the analysis and design of strategic locations in stores.

Moreover, the professions related to sales in the luxury industry are very diversified. Once you graduate, you can apply to become :

  • international buyer ;
  • visual merchandiser luxury ;
  • business developer luxury ;
  • international business manager luxury ;
  • brand manager of cosmetic products ;
  • luxury account manager or luxury export manager.

Consult the detailed job descriptions here.

What is the luxury business?

The luxury trade is a luxury industry that offers rare and high quality products and services. This can concern personal and household goods, but also haute couture, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics, hotels, gastronomy, outings or even travel.

How to train for a job in the luxury goods industry?

To train for a job in the luxury business, you can take courses such as a BTS in luxury, a Bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree or a BBA over 4 years, a Master’s degree or an MBA, ideally in a luxury or marketing specialization.

With the specialization in Luxury and Wine at INSEEC, you will follow programs, which will give you an expertise in many areas, such as marketing of Wines and Spirits, luxury, marketing of Fashion, Cosmetics, Gastronomy and Hospitality Management.

Our luxury business training is spread over several campuses. Indeed, these courses allow students to acquire the international dimension that is imperative to enter a rapidly changing sector, constantly confronted with the new situation of global competition. These programs, which can be done on a work-study basis or during the internship period in a company, also allow you to discover the professions centered on the luxury trade.

Where to train for a job in the luxury trade?

Do you want to work in the luxury goods industry? Taking a training course in the luxury trade is the first step. However, you need to make the right choice of your business school or university. In addition to the courses offered in connection with luxury, the schools generally offer internships, work-study programs or sometimes meetings with professionals in the luxury sector. At INSEEC, you can benefit from all these advantages by opting for a specialization in luxury.

How to find a work-study program in the luxury goods industry?

To succeed in any industry, finding a work-study program is a great option. This is the case if you want to work in the luxury business. At INSEEC, we offer a work-study program, allowing you to acquire skills in the luxury sector, but also to validate your knowledge directly.

A work-study program is a highly sought-after training system in the luxury business. Whether you want to train after obtaining your baccalaureate, or for a professional reconversion, business schools or universities offer this training.

During the 1, 2, 3 or 5 years of our programs, you will acquire a level of excellence in marketing, communication, digital marketing, retail and management. Our training at INSEEC is composed of several experiences in companies, in particular via the proposed alternation, allowing the acquisition of operational skills highly valued by professionals.

By opting for a work-study program, you will also benefit from multiple partnerships with companies. In addition, you will have a tailor-made accompaniment. These different partnerships allow the search for an internship, a work-study contract or a job. Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ dedicated to the luxury professions.

Updated 13 July 2023