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Are you interested in becoming an HR manager? Do you want to become the pillar of HR policy within a company? This position requires versatile and specific skills. On a day-to-day basis, a Human Resources manager must manage the staff and all related areas in order to keep the business running smoothly. We detail what the tasks of a human resources manager are and what training to do.

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What is a human resources manager?

Within a company’s human resources department, there are various key positions. Among the HR professions, the human resources manager is a complete and versatile position. It encompasses all functions related to the sector, under the responsibility of the company director and the HRD.

In general, the function of the HR manager concerns three main themes: personnel administration, recruitment and skills management.

Tasks related to the administrative management of personnel

In order to ensure the smooth running of the company, the role of the human resources manager will assume the administrative management of the personnel, i.e. :

  • prepare the payroll while considering the variable elements;
  • declare the employees to the social organizations;
  • manage health insurance, sick leave and organize medical visits for employees;
  • inform and communicate to employees their rights and obligations;
  • organize the meetings of the CCE, Social and Economic Committee;

Participate in the preparation of balance sheets, reports and budget documents.

Tasks in relation to staff recruitment

In addition to retaining employees, the HR manager is also responsible for recruiting personnel. To do so, he must:

  • To create job descriptions to meet the company’s expectations;
  • Sourcing to better identify talent on paper;
  • accompany candidates during the recruitment process;
  • drafting employment contracts;

facilitate the integration of new employees.

Tasks related to competency management

It should also be noted that the HR manager must manage the competencies of the personnel:

  • collection of employees’ needs and requests
  • setting up a training plan ;
  • encourage internal mobility of employees.

Different daily tasks

The HR manager can perform many tasks during a working day: legal monitoring, managing internal communication for the well-being of employees, calculating salary costs, conflict resolution ….

What training should I do to become a human resources manager?

Once you’ve graduated from high school, you should know that you need to go to college to become an HR manager.

It is advisable to continue your studies up to Bac + 3, or even Bac + 4 or Bac + 5. With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in HR or labor law, recruiters are more attentive to your case.

You should know that companies are looking for operational profiles to boost their activity. A candidate who has completed a work-study diploma (internship, apprenticeship or professionalization contract) will be valued by recruiters and his or her professional integration will be facilitated.

AtINSEEC, we offer within the HR specialization, a program ofMSc2 Human Resources Managerthe ideal course to become an HR manager. This training leads to a Bac + 5 degree recognized by the Ministry of Labour.

During this MSc2 HR Manager course, the teaching is focused on the student’s ability to understand the nature and evolution of social relations in the company by 2025 and to know how to integrate into it.

The apprenticeship offers a taste of what it’s like to be an HR manager in a company. Once you have your diploma, you are immediately operational. In addition, the program evolves according to the current needs of business leaders in terms of human resources.

The subjects and skills taught at INSEEC

By joining the MSc2 program in Human Resources at INSEEC, you will be introduced to all the subjects that are essential for your HR function:

  • budget management and dashboard ;
  • business plan and business creation ;
  • business strategy;
  • labor law, labor psychology, social law ;
  • business English, TOEIC ;
  • business Skills ;
  • management information systems ;
  • organizational specificities and human resources management ;
  • individual and collective behaviors in the company ;
  • remuneration and pay slip.

After 2 years of study, the RNCP Human Resources Manager title awarded by INSEEC includes the following blocks of skills:

  • design the Human Resources strategy;
  • Organize and manage Human Resources;
  • Design and manage individual and collective social relations;
  • managing teams and supporting HR projects.

What to do before an Msc human resources manager?

To be admitted to the MSc2 Human Resources Manager program atINSEEC, you must have a Bachelor’s degree, an M1, or an M2. Your admission depends on your major, preferably human resources. But you can enter the training with a degree in labor law, sociology, psychology, information and communication or management.

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Updated 13 July 2023