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How can I finance my studies with state aid?

To partially finance their academic mobility and internships abroad, INSEEC students can make use of various schemes. Do not hesitate to inquire about the eligibility of your program with one of the scholarships below.

What is the “Mobility” grant?

The “Mobility” grant is an aid delivered on social criteria to students going abroad for an academic stay or an internship.

What is the Erasmus+ scholarship?

The Erasmus+ scheme allows students to benefit from financial aid, without income conditions, for their periods of study and/or internships when they take place in Europe in the partner countries of the Erasmus programme. The amounts of the grants are capped and indexed to the standard of living of the country in which the mobility is carried out and vary according to :

  • The destination
  • Length of stay

For more information, you can contact the International Relations department of your school.

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Does the school allow me to obtain the CROUS scholarship?

The BBA and Grande Ecole schools are authorized to accept students with state scholarships. This grant is awarded to students based on social criteria. All applications are made on the internet from 15 January. The Crous to which you should apply is the one of the academy where you are enrolled this year. To find out how much you can get, a simulation system is available online.

Does the school allow you to obtain rent allowance (APL)?

This is a financial aid granted to student tenants if they are not connected to their parents. All you have to do is apply to your CAF when you sign the lease.
4 criteria are used to calculate the APL:

  • The composition of your family
  • Your resources from last year
  • The amount of your rent or mortgage payments for your primary residence
  • The geographical location of the accommodation

To find out how much you can get, a simulation system is available on the website:

Does the school allow you to obtain a student rental deposit?

The Visale guarantee, a service offered by Action Logement, provides students of legal age with a free rental deposit for all types of accommodation, regardless of income. Managed by the CROUS, it is available in all academies.

What is the first equipment allowance?

The allowance for initial equipment is an aid for equipment (computer equipment, teaching aids, etc.) and installation in Metropolitan France. The amount awarded varies from 300€ to 500€ (this aid is neither renewable nor retroactive).

What is the education allowance?

This aid is available for the payment of tuition fees in excess of €1,000. It can be combined with the departmental grant. The amount varies from 2000€ to 6000€. Can be combined with the CROUS scholarship.

the inseec admissions service can provide information on scholarships for students

How can I finance my stay abroad?

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Are internships paid?

During the various internships carried out in France or abroad, students can of course find or negotiate a paid internship.

In France, the legislation obliges companies to pay trainees beyond the 2nd month at least 3.75 €/hour, i.e. 577.5 €/month (revalorisation on 01/01/2020). However, this is not the case in all countries, as companies often offer benefits in kind (accommodation, travel card, visa, etc.) as compensation.

What is the Study Mobility Passport?

The Study Mobility Passport entitles you, under certain conditions, to the payment of one return air ticket per academic or school year.

What other scholarships or financial aid are available?

What is the Jacques Lambert Foundation Grant (Fondation de France)?

The Jacques Lambert Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to young people admitted to the first year of business school, selected according to academic and social criteria. This scholarship is exclusively dedicated to students of French nationality.

What is the INSEEC solidarity fund?

An aid granted to students in the Grande Ecole and Bachelor programmes on the basis of social and academic criteria and their academic record.
INSEEC’s aim is to promote equal opportunities. To support this strategy, the school has decided to reward students with high potential. It is with this in mind that the INSEEC solidarity fund was set up.
Procedure: The request must be made each year to the school’s administrative team. The awarding of the scholarship depends on social criteria but also on other factors such as attendance and merit. The amounts vary between 200 € and 1000 € per student concerned.
This aid is intended for deserving students facing financial difficulties.

DOM-TOM and Antilles discount

A discount of 750€ on the tuition fees is applicable for any competitive examination taken in the DOM-TOM the year before the intake (schooling followed in the DOM-TOM).

Siblings discount

A 10% discount is given to all students who are brothers and sisters and are part of our higher education group.

Merit-based discount

For the Bachelor’s program, a discount of 20% is granted in the first year to baccalaureate holders who have obtained mention BIEN and of 30% to those who have obtained mention très bien.

How else can I finance my studies at INSEEC?

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INSEEC also allows its students :

The INSEEC BBA Financing Guide : Download the PDF

The INSEEC Grande Ecole financing guide : Download PDF

The guide to financing through work-study programs Msc&MBA&Bachelors : Download the PDF

Updated 18 October 2023