Anaïs Roy, former MSc Marketing Communication student, opens the doors of her young company

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Anaïs Roy obtained her Master’s degree in Marketing, Management and Communication in 2012, with a specialization in “Entrepreneurship” and is now the creator ofEclat Alpin, a brand of fresh and innovative facial care products.

Anaïs is passionate about sports and beauty. She grew up in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by lakes and mountains, an environment she wishes to preserve but also to enhance. In search of authenticity, benevolence and transparency, she wanted to develop her own brand of fresh, innovative skincare products, placing people at the heart of the project.

Éclat Alpin was born from a deep desire to highlight the beauty of women through innovative, fresh, certified organic, preservative-free formulas from the Alps.

“I always wanted to start my own business. I find it fascinating to be able to make a living from something you created from scratch, to put ideas in place,  and to see them come to fruition.
The Inseec Entrepreneurship course was an obvious choice for me, the fact that I could have external speakers, company directors who came to talk about their experience, and to work with them on specific issues was a real challenge. I absolutely loved it, and it convinced me to want to undertake today.”

It is because Anaïs noticed throughout her professional career (turned towards retail) a lack of transparency on the composition of the ingredients of the existing brands that she chose to build a charter exceeding all the requirements of the natural beauty, on one of the wild slopes of the Alps.
By developing innovative skincare products: in terms of formulas, gestures and packaging. Care products that have been redesigned for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.

Moreover, in a dynamic of revaluation, it has created a responsible brand, with a positive impact for its future customers but also for the environment.

” It was driven by my intuition, my passion for the world of beauty, my desire to preserve and enhance the Alps, that I decided to take the plunge and create my brand : Éclat Alpin. Through the Éclat Alpin skincare products, I hope to be able to bring a real breath of fresh air from the highest peaks, combined with sensorial textures to be used anywhere and at any time of the day. “

Updated 24 February 2022