BOOST U, a new digital, experiential and personalized soft skills course for the Paris campus

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The INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA are very pleased to offer their students, as of today, Monday April 20, a brand new course entirely focused on soft skills: Boost U, orchestrated by 
iWe | Get in motion
. There is no need to write pages and pages to prove the importance of soft skills in business life. Complementary to what we call hard skills (technical skills), these human skills, particularly those focused on behavior, are now an integral part of the professional landscape, but also of students. For several years now, the grandes écoles as well as the universities have taken up the subject by making students aware of this issue, which is crucial for the construction of their professional project. 

Coaching workshops, lectures, seminars, workshops, group work, simulations… All these pedagogical modalities are excellent pretexts to train tomorrow’s professionals in this branding of the self in the company. With Boost U
iWe | Entering the Movement, we and our partner want totake this learning segment even further.

Indeed, Boost U is part of this line and goes even further: it is a new, experiential, digital course for our first two sessions (confinement is a must) and personalized using innovative teaching methods (peer learning, liberated teams, collaborative work with coaches, etc.). This course was originally designed to be delivered in blended learning (half face-to-face, half digital), but the current circumstances have made us think of transforming it 100% into digital.

It fits perfectly with our vision of soft skills as we have been teaching them until now on the Paris campus, as Claire Souvigné, director of the school, explains: ” Acquiring the right attitudes in a company is not learned through classic courses but through workshops that leave a lot of room for testimonials from professionals, group work and role-playing.

4 key soft skills

The Boost U course was built by the iWe team, which believes that there are ” 4 key soft skills: collaboration, communication, creativity andadaptability “, i.e. the 4Cs. These soft skills are key during the Boost U course and students will be challenged extensively on their own skills.

Boost U in 5 points

In a few words, if we had to define what we offer with Boost U, it is :

  • 50 videos on different themes to boost, build and challenge yourself
  • 6 Boost Learning Capsules
  • 4 witnesses from large companies that we warmly thank for their work and commitment to the students
  • A community of 600 learners
  • Workshops and a team of coaches, business professionals and scientific experts to guide our students on interpersonal relationships, brain function, etc.

All of this is done by mixing the different courses of study in a transversal manner, without any distinction of pole, so that our students get to know each other and can exchange their good practices and knowledge. The ecosystem The transdisciplinary approach proposed by iWe is therefore rich and, as Cédric Rassaby explained The question we want our students to ask themselves is therefore ” How can I make sure that the course I am offered is interesting for me? “. 

A true pedagogical innovation, Boost U is a soft skills course entirely focused on the community of our learners (whether they are on initial or sandwich courses) and puts them at the heart of the process. As soft skills are centered on teamwork, the course we propose is naturally anchored in this reality thanks to a community of 600 learners per session over 3 days who meet, learn and co-create in an online community created especially for this device. Making students work in teams, but especially making them interact with each other, was an obvious way to make them understand what soft skills are by making them practice them.

Multiple objectives

For the iWe team, which orchestrates this course that we are proud to offer to our students, the objectives are multiple but have only one point in common: the increase in skills of our students on the aspects of their personality that we wish to make them know and work on. Among the objectives assigned:

  • Knowledge how act in a situation (face to face, project team member, leader…) by mobilizing the experience and knowledge of students 
  • Learn to use the tools of the coach in your work or study environment coach’s tools which are feedback, active listening, and reformulation
  • Understand the methodologies, tools and posture of collaborative work
  • Rely on the group to develop its creative potential
  • Decide and act in interaction with others, in the team and in the group through various experiments that will be proposed

A transverse module for professionalization

The “soft skills week” is one of the educational highlights that we offer to our students on the Paris campus. In addition to the courses of their specialization, our MSc2 and MBA students also follow a year-long program entirely focused on the notion of leadership, Leadership Lab, in parallel with the consulting missions we offer them with our partner companies. The most interesting point we made at this event is that for some companies, leadership is a soft skill… And for others not. For our students, the debate is therefore open on this point.

If everything was already in place to push our students to a strong professionalization, we are going even further with an experiential course on soft skills to better prepare them to confront the job market that they already know through their internship and work-study.

Moreover, in this particular period, the school is even more aware of the employability of its students. The Boost U program is therefore also a godsend for developing their employability, reassuring them, boosting their confidence (literally!), and preparing them for the economic recovery that we hope will flourish for the future of our future graduates.




Updated 24 February 2022