Clément Germain, on a work-study program at SOMFY during the MSc2 Marketing

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Currently enrolled in MSc 2 Marketing on the Chambéry campus, Clément Germain also holds the position of Marketing Product Manager at Somfy, a company based in Cluses. This sports enthusiast tells us about his career and the tasks he is assigned on a daily basis.

At 25 years old, Clément has reached the end of his school career. And at the start of his professional career, which we obviously wish him success.

A quick look in the rear-view mirror : after an STG baccalaureate, with an accounting option, this native of Haute-Savoie headed for a BTS in Banking, already in a work-study program. After a first failure, and proof of his real motivation, he obtained it, the following year, as a free candidate.

” I then integrated a DUT in Marketing Technique in 1 year because I was interested in commerce. It was during this training that I had the chance to join the Somfy company during an internship. Then, I did a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Commerce as a business manager at Adecco. It was after this that I decided to go into marketing, at an old familiar company, Somfy !   ”

He then decided to continue with an MSc 1 Marketing and Communication and this year an MSc 2 Marketing. All this while working for Somfy.

” I have the chance every day in my job to interact with different professions. It’s really rewarding. Especially since our company is very internationally oriented and is in a field that is constantly evolving , says the man who holds the position of marketing product manager and whose exchanges are done almost entirely in English.

” The school helps me on a managerial level “

Passionate about skiing, soccer and trail running, Clément Germain particularly enjoys working for his company, with varied and very demanding missions.

” Last year, I was more involved in background work, with the construction of technical documents, packaging or communication supports. Since this year, I have seen a real increase in skills. I am directly in charge of a range of videophone products. Now, I’m the one who will directly train our subsidiaries on the group’s new connected and non-connected offerings. It’s a real plus to go to the field ”

Through the school, the student continues to acquire the notions necessary for successful integration into the business world.

” The school really helps me on a managerial level. It allows me to increase my professional network and to take a step back from the decisions I have to make every day. ”

In the near future, Clément Germain could see himself continuing the adventure at Somfy.

” The company has a habit of trusting its alternates… So why not me! “

Updated 24 February 2022