Elsa Pellegrinelli: game, set and job after MSc2 Sport Management!

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“For two years now, it has been making its way. And it pays !

Elsa Pellegrinelli is in the process of obtaining her MSc 2 in Sports Marketing and Management on the campus of Chambéry. She is expected to complete the circle by officially signing her permanent contract with Head at the end of the year.
The future professional reveals her career path. She also thanks for the work-study program, a real springboard to employment.

As Head’s event promotion assistant, Elsa is just a few points away from winning the game. The opportunity to confirm one’s work-study years with a stable, long-term job on a permanent contract. And that’s what’s on the horizon!

” To be honest, I was a little surprised because the announcement was made quite early. We were, all the team, in seminar in Alpe d’Huez. My tutor introduced me to the job. He said he could see me continuing here. He then told me about the salary conditions of this future contract. And I accepted !   ”

On a daily basis, Elsa will continue and intensify her current missions :

” I am currently handling all the events organized in partnership with our brand. They mainly revolve around the tennis sector. I am also in charge of our own paddle circuit, the Head Padel Open. I have a lot of travel every year. And this season, a new mission has been added : the presentation to our customers of our 2020 textile range.   “

Alternation ? The best springboard !

When it comes to commenting on her future employment, Elsa wastes no time. Let’s face it, the work-study program during her two years of master’s studies was decisive.

” I tend to say that if I was offered this permanent job, my work-study program had a lot to do with it. Now I know all the procedures internally. They will hardly have to train me after school. I am already fully integrated into the company’s process , continues the one who will have to validate her MSc 2 to get the grail of a permanent job at Head.

A mandatory condition for his tutor.

Before embarking on other horizons and other projects, Elsa ?

” I feel really good at Head. So I would like to stay there for several more years. Eventually, I would like to become an event manager and organize large events. But always in the sport !   ”

At that moment, when looking back in the rearview mirror, Elsa will automatically remember her famous work-study program.
Where it all began!

Updated 24 February 2022