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After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Jenna wanted to move into the Human Resources field and chose INSEEC MSc & MBA.

She wished to start the MSc 1 Social & HR Management as an initial course and to gain her first experience in HR during a 6-month internship as a recruitment officer at

The experience was conclusive, and her company offered her the opportunity to continue her career within the HR France team under a professionalization contract.

What are your daily missions ?

“Most of my work is focused on recruitment. I generally recruit operational people such as sales consultants or future branch managers or even interns and work-study students for the start of the 2019/2020 school year.””

What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most ?

“As a work-study student, I see myself growing in competence quite quickly thanks to my colleagues who entrust me with various assignments with high responsibility.

There is no routine and as the months go by, I carry out different activities and develop my skills. I appreciate the work atmosphere and the pedagogy of my HR staff who have been with me since my first day of internship.””

What was your educational background before becoming a recruitment officer at SIXT?

“Before joining INSEEC, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management from a leading French school that is recognized worldwide in the field.

I joined the MSc 1 Social & HR Management with the choice of starting it as an initial course because I wanted first to acquire theoretical skills and to choose the right work-study program the following year. I thus joined SIXT for my first-year internship.””

Which skills or experiences gained at INSEEC MSc & MBA do you think are most useful in your professional life?

“”At INSEEC MSc & MBA, I was able to deepen and complete my skills acquired during my MSc 2 Human Resources Management.

INSEEC transmits values that are essential to life in society and prepares us for active life.

Soft skills courses are frequently offered.

Speakers bring us their experience, advice and role-playing is often done to get us out of our comfort zone in order to prepare us for reality.””

Do you have any advice for students who want to have a career in this sector ?

“To have a career in this industry, you must have a high sense of customer service. We are a company today that provides mobility solutions and is largely related to the tourism sector. My manager was attracted to my hotel/restaurant profile because of these service qualities.

My experience has given me empathy and understanding towards my candidates. Organization, proactivity and listening skills are qualities expected from a future HR employee. I highly recommend Sixt for all the internships and work-study programs the company offers.””

How do you see the next step in your professional career ?

“For the time being, I am concentrating on the missions entrusted to me for the time I have left in my work-study program. I still feel comfortable with Sixt, where I am expanding my skill set.

If I am offered an opportunity at the end of my work-study, it would be a chance to be a part of Sixt’s growth.””

Jenna’s background is not surprising, as the INSEEC MSc 2 Human Resources Management program welcomes students from all walks of life. So it’s never too late to think about a career change.

The training offered by INSEEC MSc & MBA is oriented towards the development of relational, managerial and psycho-behavioral qualities of the student. The objective is to train future human resources managers in labor law, social auditing and compensation policy.

Updated 24 February 2022