Jérôme Fraix, in MSc 2 Brand Management & Digital Marketing and in work-study at Ugitech

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“Currently in MSc 2 Brand Management & Digital Marketing on the Inseec U. campus ChambéryJérôme Fraix has been doing his work-study program at UGITECH for three years now, in the specialties department (in charge of selling long stainless steel products for the aeronautics, watchmaking and medical industries). MMA practitioner, passionate about cinema and theater, he tells us about his career and his future.

” I am passionate about the aviation industry. In fact, I would like to encourage young work-study students to go into the industry. Throughout my training, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous events (trade shows, workshops, etc.). During my meetings and exchanges with these professionals, I was able to observe a real desire to pass on their knowledge and experience .

His background is essentially technical. After a BTS in electrical engineering and a Bachelor 3 in marketing and business development, he continued with an MSc 1 International marketing on the campus in Chambéry.

Speaker at INSEEC…

Jérôme Fraix particularly appreciates the contact with the members of the INSEEC Chambéry teaching team.

” School has allowed me to better structure my thinking. The speakers bring us real expertise , admits the one who would like to see himself later on… as a speaker, and why not at Inseec !

“I would like to become a teacher or an instructor in parallel with my future professional activity because I have found myself in situations during my school career where I would have appreciated help in my learning .

Thus, the loop would be closed.


Updated 24 February 2022