Magalie Buscemi, in MSc 1 Digital and on a work-study program with the Dunoyer Group

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Currently in MSc 1 Digital Marketing that she follows on the campus INSEEC U. Chambéry campus, Magalie Buscemi already has all the digital codes in her.

She put them to good use during her work-study as a Community Manager with the Dunoyer Group. The Group owns three brands in Haute-Savoie : theEspace 55, the restaurant Le Cinquante-Cinq and Dunoyer.

Magalie tells us about her journey. We LIKE ! And you ?

” I started my career with an Audiovisual Literary Baccalaureate, then I continued with an Info-com license at the IAE of Annecy, finished in 2016.   “

Magalie then spent two years between her photography business (Magye d’Art) and several food businesses.

” On a permanent contract for more than a year at Maxizoo in order to have financial security, I realized how much I could not blossom away from my favorite field”, presents the one who then decided to join INSEEC Chambéry to follow an MSc 1 Digital Marketing.

” I have been animated by visual creation for years. It is therefore in this continuity that this Master’s degree seemed to me to be the most complementary to my aspirations, says this photography enthusiast. She doesn’t seem disappointed with her choice.

” INSEEC brings me a real complementarity in the skills I already have, and those I need to become totally autonomous. The work-study program allows me to better understand the issues at stake in the concepts covered in class, and to bring my expertise to the company. It is an added value for the continuation of my projects to do my master at INSEEC. “

Community Manager at Dunoyer Group

In parallel to her studies, the student-employee holds the position of Community Manager within the Dunoyer Group. You have to juggle with the editorial line.

” I deal with social networks and its contents. I create photographic and video content, as well as visual designs internally and externally.

” I am considering a second year in the Master of Communication program to really complete the areas in which I want to deepen my skills and knowledge. I would like to become completely autonomous in image communication, so that I can radiate alone, as well as in a team. I don’t have a specific project yet. The only thing I know for sure is that I will always need the opportunity to create visuals in order to thrive. “

We like, again!

Updated 24 February 2022