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I’m working as a Communication Assistant at Air Courtage assurances in order to validate my Master 2 Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategies on the Lyon campus. But in parallel to my studies, I have always worked and developed my passion for soccer. Today, FIFA selected me as an ambassador for the FIFA Fan Movement. I will voluntarily create content about the various FIFA events and share it on social networks to unite the community of soccer enthusiasts around the world.

How did you come to be an ambassador?

I was following an internet user who also became an ambassador so I thought ” why not me? “. I have always worked for the Olympique Lyonnais club, whether as a trainee, a sales assistant or a guide to show people around the Groupama Stadium. To be able to start and evolve for FIFA is an additional and even bigger step for me. So I filled out a questionnaire and FIFA contacted me for a phone interview and confirmed that I was selected to become an ambassador of the Fan Movement by FIFA.


What will this role entail?

I will have to go to FIFA events, for example at the moment there is the Women’s World Cup organized by FIFA in France. So I will have to go to the games, events like the Festival of Football or the Fan Zone in Bellecour. The goal is to create content, share on social networks and make a maximum of people can live these events through my posts and federate the community of soccer enthusiasts.


How do your studies and your job as a communications assistant help you with this new soccer project?

My soccer project was never related to my studies. These are two different things. I’ve always been on my own for soccer and created my own network and opportunities. On the other hand, thanks to my Master’s degree and my professional experience on specific positions and missions, I will be able to access similar positions recognized by the State. I have always seen my studies as a tool and not an end in itself.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you like to pursue a career in soccer?

I don’t know where I’ll be in five years because life goes too fast, but I just hope to make a living out of my passion and to be able to make soccer, and especially women’s soccer, grow. Society is changing, evolving and opening up. With sport, we can make a difference and touch people.


What advice would you give to a student who, like you, would like to combine a career and a passion?

I would advise someone who wants to combine business and passion to listen only to their heart. Every little opportunity, every little meeting is important in this business, you must not neglect anything and especially no one, whether it is a soccer fan, a player or a person who works in soccer, all will inspire you and make you grow. You have to look ahead, and never give up because when you want to, you can.”

Updated 24 February 2022