Meeting with the DIRECCTE and Club Med for the MSc1 Human Resources

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The MSc 1 Human Resources class on the campus of Chambéry had 2 opportunities:

  • meet with the Deputy Director of the DIRECCTE 73,
  • Enter the backstage of Club Med in Lyon, in the world of the Recruitment Manager.

Two extremely enriching days for all the students. On the initiative of Juliette Ferlay, Head of the MSc 1 Human Resources Program, and Christine Nicoud, Professor of Employment Law.

The meeting with the DIRECCTE

Meeting with Mrs. Michaud, Deputy Director of the DIRECCTE 73*  and former Labor Inspector.
(*Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi for the Savoie department)

” Without any language and with kindness, she shared with us her experience as a labor inspector. And also its role within its services. She explained to us what the priority actions of the Direccte services are for the region, presents Christine Nicoud.

In the end, real additional knowledge for the students. The DIRECCTE is in fact composed of several departments, including the one in charge of the approval of conventional terminations. And also that of foreign workers.

The control services make sure that their work contract on the territory complies with the standards of our country.

Only 15 control agents cover all the companies in Savoie. With a target of 200 000 shares per year.

Through these different missions, a single objective : to ensure the compliance of companies with the regulations. For the well-being of employees.


No vacation… at Club Med!

The second day was held at the Club Med offices in Lyon.

But no vacations for students! They are welcomed by Magali Aimé, Club Med Recruitment Manager, for the Europe – Africa – Middle East operational BU.

” We had the pleasure of participating with his team in a recruitment session for future Club Med’s Friendly Organizers and Friendly Employees. We have attended the pre-selection of candidates through the study of their CVs, as well as individual interviews.
The international recruitment strategy and the company’s challenges made us realize that the company’s values are conveyed through all the company’s activities.
Club Med is ” a pioneering spirit, freedom, multiculturalism, kindness and responsibility.
All these values were transmitted to us through the various exchanges. The teams answered our questions with complete transparency , said the students at the end of this visit.

Immersion in the business world, one of the strengths of the professionalization programs on the campus.

Updated 24 February 2022