Mickaël Di Foggia, in MSc2 Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets

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Mickaël Di Foggia is in the process of obtaining his MSc2 in Asset Management and Real Estate Markets at the INSEEC campus in Chambéry.
At the same time, and as part of his work-study program, he held the position of professional business manager at the Rhône-Alpes Bank.
He talks to us about his future with the Rhône-Alpes Bank, where he has already signed a promise to hire.

A quick look in the rearview mirror :

” I did a BTS in banking to start “, says Mickaël.

He then went on to obtain a degree in asset management in Grenoble.

” I have always been interested in this profession because of its diversity. Then, I joined the MSc1 Corporate Finance on the INSEEC campus in Chambéry, as a work-study student at the Banque Rhône-Alpes. It allowed me to wear two hats (professional and wealth management aspects for my clients).

Before continuing this year with an MSc2 in Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets.

“I am concretizing here my 5 years of studies. “

Mickaël is satisfied with the course he has taken, and does not regret his choice.

” I had opted for this Master’s degree because it is the one that best corresponds to my expectations. It was complementary with the missions entrusted to the company. “

 Already a promise of employment !

 INSEEC allowed me to have a deeper knowledge in wealth management. I was able to provide the best advice to my clients in the agency. ”

At the professional level, Mickaël holds the position of professional business manager with a portfolio at the Banque Rhône-Alpes.

” I take care of a demanding clientele. I accompany them in their private and professional needs (investment, financing, rental investments, LBOs, business creation).” 

The adventure should indeed continue after this specialized master :

“The Rhône-Alpes Bank has just made me sign a promise of employment, allowing me, at the end of this master’s degree, to directly enter the world of finance as a professional business manager. Afterwards, I would like to move into private banking/wealth management, to provide tailor-made advice, as well as the variety of situations that this profession can offer me, concludes Mickaël, whose professional path seems to be all mapped out!

Updated 24 February 2022