Olivier Constantin, CEO of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, Sponsor of the Finance division

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On January 16th, the students of the Finance department in Bordeaux welcomed their class sponsor, Olivier Constantin, CEO of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine.

A former student of INSEEC MSc & MBA Bordeaux, Olivier Constantin has an inspiring and richly international background. He will start with a Summer Session in the USA, then Monaco, Italy, and finally Poland. He shared with the students his personal vision of“The evolution of the world of Finance“, but above all he spoke to them about the Human being, and its importance within a company.

Being an entrepreneur is not enough to run a company with dignity

“If you ever want to run a company, and therefore people, you will need to know a minimum of all the businesses in the company you want to run, and be interested in them.”

If risk management is the key to corporate finance today, anthropology is the key to corporate management. According to the CEO of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, the business world is currently based on two factors:

  • the human being, too often neglected in the past
  • time and the speed of time, put in parallel with the technological advance

Olivier Constantin asserts that this world, now digital, is very disruptive, and that it is essential to reinvent oneself every day in order to be able to live with the times.

“Don’t wait, because you’ll always feel like something is missing.”

Digitization, financial markets, corporate finance, retail banking today is constantly evolving. Therefore, Olivier Constantin makes it a point of honor to express to students the importance of knowing the stakes and the different professions. This is the only way they will be able to understand the retail bank of tomorrow.

However, the CEO of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine would like to point out that, above all, you have to be daring, always curious, and be greedy for everything. “Each of us, at some point in our lives, can and should dare to take the plunge, do things, believe in ourselves.”

A last advice Olivier ?

“Go abroad and take advantage of it to enrich your professional experience. It is an opportunity, because it gives you the possibility to look at things differently, to put things into perspective. It will bring you a lot, and you will learn all the more.”

This sponsorship ceremony will end on a beautiful note with the signing of a partnership agreement between INSEEC MSc & MBA Bordeaux and Crédit Agricole Aquitaine.

Updated 24 February 2022