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The news came in a June 12 press release issued by the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior: France will once again open its borders gradually to international students as of July 1, 2020. Their reception conditions and modalities will be greatly facilitated to ease their entry into the metropolitan territory.

A reopening in 2 stages: from June 15 in the European borders and from July 1 in the rest of the world

Since Monday, June 15, France has lifted the restrictions on movement within the European borders. People living in the European Union and those living in Andorra, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and the Vatican can once again move freely.

This lifting of restrictions does not concern Spain and the United Kingdom where, for the time being, by reciprocity, the restrictions still remain in place.

Priority reopening of borders outside the Schengen area for international students

As of July 1, France will open its borders to people living outside the Schengen area. This reopening is important in the context of the mobility of international students wishing to study in France.

Applications for visas and residence permits made by international students will be processed by embassies on a priority basis, “regardless of their country of origin,” as stated in the communiqué.

This gradual reopening of borders is a boon for students wishing to pursue their studies in INSEEC’s MSc & MBA programs: our international students represent 30% of our enrollment. This cultural and linguistic diversity is of great benefit to all of our students, who study in an exceptional environment where exchanges and encounters with others are essential to the realization of their professional projects and the international dimension of our school.

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What about the start of the school year in September 2020?

Preparations for the start of the new school year in September and October on our campuses are still underway. To date, this one is presented as a mix between face-to-face and distance learning where pairagogy and flipped classroom will be the key words of the next school year.

The physical reentry will be carried out in compliance with the health recommendations dictated by the government and the barrier gestures.

However, this hybrid start to the new school year on our campuses promises to be very agile: depending on how the situation evolves, the measures and guidelines that will be in place will adapt and evolve very quickly so that the new challenges awaiting business schools will stimulate creativity and innovation rather than take them by surprise.

This new pedagogy, which is still under study, has already been very well received by the INSEEC MSc & MBA team, who have taken up the challenge imposed on them with brio and satisfaction: the continuation of pedagogical continuity for our students.

The Covid-19 health crisis pushed everyone to be flexible and innovative in their approach to the courses – both the lecturers and the students – who each worked together to reinvent the pedagogy of tomorrow.

Satisfaction surveys conducted among our students and lecturers have been formal: although face-to-face classes are still as popular as ever and will remain indispensable, distance learning also provides a certain agility specific to learning.

Each of INSEEC’s MSc & MBA campuses will return to its students and candidates to inform them of the new pedagogy that will be implemented in September/October 2020.



Updated 24 February 2022