What skills are needed to work in a brick and mortar?

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Thestudy dedicated to innovation in e-commerce, conducted by KPMG France and Fevad, sheds light on the impact of digital transformations in commerce on employment in the retail sector. This 2021 version released on September 30 focused on ” click-and-mortar “. Faced with the shortage of talent and to meet the challenges of performance, digitalization and logistics, distributors are developingupskilling and reskilling strategies, both for the very important ” soft skills ” and for the ” hard skills “… which have a tendency to become obsolete quickly.

The study highlights a few points that directly concern the pedagogy as we practice it at INSEEC MSc & MBA:

  • ” The current trend emphasizes the acquisition of new customers, giving pride of place to jobs related to SEO, SEA and Social Media Management, while jobs around customer loyalty and CRM remain in the background. “
  • ” Data & analytics are skills that the largest retailers have started to acquire for several years. “
  • ” Among the most sought-after profiles in 2021: data scientist, procurement officer, logistics coordinator, supply planner, logistics manager, transport logistics operations manager, lean/operational excellence manager, CSR manager. New hybrid and cross-functional profiles for all forms of business and all channels are also and above all sought after. “

The end of the health crisis may prove to be an opportunity for INSEEC MSc & MBA graduates: ” With the end of the health crisis, which has acted as a gas pedal and catalyst for transformations in the retail sector, whether in digital marketing, IT development, data or customer services, qualified skills are proving to be scarce and difficult to attract for ” click-and-mortar “, which are subject to strong competition in the job market. ”

Undeniably, the digital transformation of commerce will involve the human dimension. And by you!

Serge-Henri Saint-Michel, Scientific Director MSc & MBA INSEEC

Updated 24 February 2022