Yannis Bourgeon, it ” dunk ” with Aix-Maurienne Savoie Basket!

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Within the Pro B club of AS Maurienne Savoie Basket, Yannis Bourgeon is in charge of commercial development and partnerships. A mission and a function occupied within the framework of his MSc 2 Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategies that he follows on the campus INSEEC U. Chambéry campus. Yannis takes us to his floor.

Passionate about sports in general and basketball in particular, Yannis Bourgeon is in his element at Aix Maurienne Savoie Basket.

” My role within Aix Maurienne is quite extensive. Indeed, my first mission since a few weeks is to be in charge of all the private partners of the club. These account for over 50% of the budget, which is the highest in the division.
It is thus a rather important responsibility. This is why I have to set up ever more innovative offers and propose them to the partners already present within the framework of partnership renewal and/or within the framework of prospection. You must also, like all salespeople, maintain a strong relationship with these companies. “

The tasks don’t stop there, far from it.

“I also work on the organization of the whole part ” hospitality ” during the AMSB home games, that is to say sending invitations, booking the caterer, setting up the tables, tablecloths, glasses … while managing all the volunteers who help me in this task. “

A wide variety of missions

A true jack-of-all-trades who also explores the notions of communication and events.

” Finally, I have to set up different events to create a real business club and create relationships between each partner.
I also have an eye on the whole communication and marketing part of the club in collaboration with my two collaborators. In particular in the promotion of partners, but also in the implementation of new tools.
My last preoccupation, which is the case for the whole of the club’s vital forces, is the permanent management of various tasks of current management, essential to the life of a basketball club (medical appointments, transport, administrative, …) ”
Quite a program.

A school career oriented ” commerce “

Yannis Bourgeon has certainly acquired this taste for development through his various training courses.

” My educational background is pretty ” classic “. After a BTS MUC and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Sales and Marketing in Grenoble, I naturally turned to a Master’s degree in Marketing Communication and Business Strategies at INSEEC in Chambéry.
The goal was to equip myself with as many skills and abilities as possible before the big leap into the world of full-time work, 
continues the student… who is definitely not unemployed, since he also officiates as a player (in the club of Goncelin).

And … official basketball referee in the Isère committee !

Updated 24 February 2022