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Focus on the job of real estate developer: in charge of designing and marketing a real estate portfolio, he supervises all operations.

A job of responsibility and mediation.



At the heart of real estate construction programs, the developer has a central role, from the origin of the project to its sale and follow-up. His function as an intermediary for the various actors involved in the project (construction companies, architects, real estate agencies, etc.) means that he is constantly caught up in his responsibilities. Endorsing these, he must design the entire program. It all starts with the search and purchase of a building lot. Then comes the work of collaboration with the architects in order to set up the project that will be sold to the future buyers. The last stage is the launch of a call for tenders for the start of the works and the actual promotion and marketing of the project. The properties sold are in VEFA : Sale in the future state of completion, that is to say that the transaction is done before the end of the construction. It’s a job of planning, negotiating and marketing.

Role in the company

The real estate developer ensures the smooth running of all operations of a real estate project. He is the pivotal point for exchanges with the very diverse actors who take part in the project. The real estate operations carried out by the promoter include constraints that he must control, or at least take into account. He is in charge of gathering all the administrative documents and permits necessary for the work to be authorized. The financial balance and the respect of the deadlines are priorities for the promoter who is also in charge of supervising the project and communicating on its progress. He must be able to assume a large number of responsibilities and to know how to behave when faced with unexpected events.

Required qualities

The developer is someone who has a real sense of responsibility and knows how to mobilize a large number of skills to keep a financial balance and stay on schedule. He is able to see far ahead and work on several files at the same time and to interact with a wide variety of people. Meticulous and conscientious, he knows how to work in an environment where the pressure is constant. His legal knowledge must be very solid as it will be constantly needed. A mediator at heart, he masters the art of negotiation and knows how to approach and reassure his interlocutors. The promoter is a dynamic and self-confident person.


Career and Compensation

The real estate developer evolves in a specialized field within an agency. Thus, he works for large building complexes (offices or collective housing). It is a very competitive sector, where experience in the field and years of experience make the difference. The level of remuneration depends on the experience of the promoter and the size of the agency. The salary includes a fixed part and a variable part which can be significant. It ranges from 3500 euros gross per month to more than 6000.


The real estate developer has a good legal background (tax, land and real estate law) and a great deal of experience. He is also a very good salesman who masters sales and negotiation techniques. Finally, he is a specialist in real estate and all its figures. The combination of all these parameters is necessary to do this job. Specialized real estate courses, after a law or business degree, such as the bachelors of the INSEEC Real Institute and especially the MSc2 Real Estate Management, favor this introduction to the profession, if you are motivated.


Updated 24 February 2022