Eddy Salah, founder of the Bourse de l’Immobilier, sponsor of INSEEC Real Estate

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The Bachelor Real Estate & Finance, Real Estate Transaction & Merchants, MSc 1 Real Estate Management and MSc 2 Real Estate Management and Real Estate Management and Markets of our Bordeaux campus welcomed on January 9th the godfather of their promotion; Mr. M. M. M., who is a member of the Board of Directors. Eddy Salah, Founder and President of the Bourse de l’Immobilier.

The Bourse de l’Immobilier, a French success story

After tracing his career since his early childhood, Eddy Salah detailed the meteoric rise of the Real Estate Exchange. After the opening of the first agency in Libourne in 1980 and the inauguration of the head office in Bordeaux Bastide in 1987, the Bourse de l’Immobilier passed the milestone of 100 agencies in 2002, 500 employees in 2005 and 1000 employees in 2008. Following the creation of the Pro mandate in 2012, it opened its 300th branch in 2013 and its 400th branch in 2018. Heading for 500 in 2020?

La Bourse de l’Immobilier is thus the first integrated network of real estate agencies in France. Since 1980, the family business has continued to grow and remain true to its values: transparency, ethics and customer satisfaction.

Entering the real estate business

According to Eddy, the key element is the digitalization of the business and he emphasizes the importance of multiplying his relationships in order to make his assets grow. While his favorite social network is Instagram, he also shares with students the importance of increasing their visibility on LinkedIn, offering them professional opportunities and more connections.

For him, entrepreneurship means taking risks, calculating and optimizing his investments. The entrepreneurial adventure is all that it implies from a business point of view but also from a value point of view; it is necessary to put the human being at the center of the company.

If in the past, it was more important to satisfy the seller’s request than the buyer’s, today it is quite different and customer satisfaction is the main objective of the company. Real estate being at the time a local business, Eddy immediately saw the challenge for the sector to industrialize, with marketing, human resources, management and training services, but also to offer customers a choice.

The Bourse de l’Immobilier is part of this approach, and its history is unique, its know-how recognized.

Eddy’s advice

The sponsor advises his students to have a real project, precise, that they are passionate about and “that takes their head”. If it is essential to know one’s business and the competition, one must accept to become a professional, remain lucid and have “good” ideas.

He also advises them to do sports in order to go the distance. A nice metaphor that tells them to “grow old young, not old old”.

“You are the future and the old people have to admit it. That’s why when you are old, you must know how to pass the baton. This is what he did brilliantly with his son, Benjamin Salah, today General Manager of the Bourse de l’Immobilier.

He will end the conference with the following sentence: “Time passes very quickly, life is precarious, we are on vacation on Earth and therefore you do not have a minute to lose. Live your passions to the fullest. Be crazy, but reasonable.”

Updated 24 February 2022