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In order to offer its students a wide range of career opportunities, the INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry will open, at the beginning of the 2016 academic year, 8 specializations (including 2 work-study programs) for3rd year students. These specializations complete the pedagogical program which combines periods of theoretical learning with time for practical application.

These specializations respond to a strong demand from students who wish to become more professional and from companies who are looking for employees who can quickly become operational with specialized skills.

Specializations in the classical curriculum

  • Finance and business management: to enable you to develop a strategy, steer a company and optimize its management, respect accounting and tax obligations, and proceed with the recovery of unpaid bills, etc.
  • International trade: courses in English, language courses, an academic stay in one of our partner campuses or an internship in a company abroad so that you can build an international profile.
  • Luxury & tourism: to train you in the new requirements and needs of the luxury and tourism market, and to enable you to master the codes of this demanding and complex environment.
  • Digital marketing: provide you with the necessary tools to implement an effective e-marketing policy, use the web for marketing, use social networks in a professional perspective and learn how to create online content.
  • Sport business: to provide you with essential skills in the world of sport, while developing your professional network and allowing you, as a true sports enthusiast, to evolve in this sector.
  • Real Estate Transaction and Negotiation: to promote your professional insertion in all areas of real estate (corporate sales, logistics, or relational), to acquire mastery of business management in the technical, legal, financial, methodological and commercial aspects of real estate.

Specializations in alternation

  • Profit center manager: acquire the main management and marketing tools, understand the company’s environment, organize the HR function to develop the performance of your team, acquire a managerial dimension to ensure the economic development of a profit center.
  • Marketing and business development: train you in business and marketing to be able to implement business development tools for operational and digital marketing.
Updated 24 February 2022