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Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lapland, Mongolia, New Zealand, Peru, Sweden, Vietnam: the 1st year students organized, within the framework of a pedagogical project, the 1st international forum, Friday November 20th.
A real invitation to travel, this morning, open to all, allowed the public to (re) discover some more or less distant countries.

By drawing lots, each group of students worked on a particular country in order to present as much information as possible:

  • Presentation of the country: history, geography, culture in French and English
  • Socio-economic presentation: opportunities for investors
  • Business Features: Do’s and Don’ts of Business Travel
  • Wink to folklore, art, gastronomy etc.

3 juries evaluated each stand. Each group presented their country in English and French and then answered questions from the jury members in English and French.

For this international forum, all the students really invested themselves by doing in-depth research on countries they didn’t necessarily know. Some have contacted current graduates abroad for testimonials.
Each stand was carefully decorated, some even offered tastings!

This international forum allowed students to prepare for their departure abroad. The INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry strongly encourages its students to go abroad (mandatory for certain courses), either to a partner university to study and obtain a double degree, or to a company to be confronted with different realities and to prepare for intercultural management.

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Did you know: When asked, “Where is your professional future?” more than one in four young graduates in France (27%) answer, “Abroad,” according to the 2014 Barometer of the Mood of Young Graduates conducted by Deloitte. Two years ago, when surveyed in the same study, only 13% were considering a professional expatriation to start their career. (source Le Parisien.fr 21/11/2014)

Updated 24 February 2022