2nd edition of the night of the crisis

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The objective of the crisis night is to confront 3rd year students of the INSEEC Bachelor program with a real-life crisis situation and to teach them how to manage it.

This year, the students had to deal with a crisis situation in English, based on a real case. Divided into teams, they tried to bring their ideas and solutions to a failed product launch in a few hours: Dasani. As a reminder, Dasani is a brand of bottled still water, launched by Coca-Cola in the 2000s. The product had been a real fiasco for the brand, especially in Great Britain.

Students had less than an hour to present their solutions to the jury, before leaving with new information and new challenges to solve. In total, they had to deal with 5 major problems!

Even though this workshop involves staying overnight at the school, the students quickly get into the game and complete the challenges with flying colors!

Updated 24 February 2022