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A few weeks ago, the school organized its first meeting of the year with its alumni.
Created in 1982, the school has a strong alumni network. Under the initiative of the Careers & Business Department, no less than fifty students responded to the invitation of this fall edition.

The alumni network represents a real breeding ground for the careers of our students, both former and future. These “Alumni” events are an opportunity to build up a network of contacts, to forge friendly and professional links and to find internship or job offers. These meetings are a real career gas pedal!

Alumni from the classes of 1986 to 2013 gathered for a wine tasting, followed by a cocktail reception. It was an opportunity for them to meet their former classmates, teachers and members of the administrative team. All this in a friendly atmosphere – characteristic of our school – from which both the alumni and the team members came out delighted.

Updated 24 February 2022