Discover the new “Cosmetics & Beauty Management” specialization available in the 3rd year of the Bachelor program in Paris

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In February, the FEBEA (Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté) published :

“The French cosmetics industry is remarkably successful: in 2019, it reached €15.7 billion in exported products (the equivalent of more than 150 Airbuses), consolidating France’s position as the world leader in cosmetics. ”

These excellent results from the cosmetics and beauty sector, a fast-growing market that has been steadily increasing for more than 10 years, place the sector in second place among export sectors in France, behind aeronautics.

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The French cosmetics industry, acclaimed throughout the world, is a dynamic sector that innovates in two major directions: natural and organic products, to meet a major consumer expectation, and the personalization of skincare, perfumes and makeup, which are increasingly adapted to individual needs.

There are also many innovations in packaging, with one key word: eco-design.

With 55,000 jobs directly linked to the manufacture of products and 170,000 related jobs, the cosmetics sector brings together a wide range of skills and allows very different profiles to flourish: botanists, quality managers, researchers, packaging professionals, but also marketing, communication, retailing and brand management, management, sales or management.

Small companies, SMEs and large international groups, all recruit many professionals throughout France.

Strengths of Specialization:

  • Professional and active teachers in this sector.
  • Holistic teaching(Inner-Beauty) to develop your own talents.


To prepare students, who are destined to work internationally, to be able to respond to the subtleties of this market, which is intimately linked to the diversity of consumers and their different cultures.

Updated 24 February 2022