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Amine was enrolled in the 3-year INSEEC Bachelor program. This program offers a general overview of business skills, with concentrations in Marketing or Finance during the third year. A 4-year program is also available for those who want to study abroad for one year. The faculty of the INSEEC Bachelor is both Anglo-Saxon and French and courses can be taken either entirely in English or 1/2 French- 1/2 English.

Before INSEEC Bachelor

“Before coming to INSEEC Bachelor, I had a scientific education (math and physics) and specialized in aviation. My hope is that the Bachelor program will permit me to be more versatile.”

Why INSEEC Bachelor

“I came to INSEEC because I wanted to take my scientific knowledge into a more commercial and business direction. It was the right choice because INSEEC’s curriculum has a nice mix of management science, finance and marketing.”

A semester at INSEEC Bachelor

“I also appreciated the international aspect as it gives us mobility and allows us to work anywhere with any type of co-worker. The cultural mix inside the classrooms gives us a taste of the opportunities we may encounter after the Bachelor. This program has actually opened a lot of doors for me, such as the Master of Business Diplomacy that INSEEC is launching next year. This master program is especially interesting for me because I want to move between the business, political and economic worlds. The INSEEC Bachelor experience was an excellent one for me and I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in taking a step towards the international marketing field because it is really useful.”

Next year

“Next year I think I am going to apply for the Master in Business Diplomacy at INSEEC or perhaps gain a few years of work experience in marketing or sales for a multinational corporation before deciding on a master program.”

Updated 24 February 2022