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If it’s a service to my school, there’s no problem. These are the first words of Eliott Drevet, in response to the
request made in order to write these few lines. That’s how satisfied he seems!

Determination guaranteed!

It’s not every day you meet someone like Elliot.
At 21 years old, his determination to succeed, as well as his certainty, do not leave anyone indifferent. The speech is structured, the vocabulary is rich and the answers flow.
Surely, he has already lost sight of the fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Instead, he wonders how to shorten it. Everything seems weighed, calculated, programmed. Every decision must eventually lead to something good. To say that he knows exactly what he wants and where he wants to go is a mild understatement. He will be able to stop something that works because he will have found something better!

Eliott seems to have fallen into the pot of commerce. Doesn’t he say, ” When I was five, I knew I wanted to be a salesman . Exaggerated? You might think so at first glance. Unless you know that father and mother have always been so, and that their area is not limited to one or two departments.

He is clearly more of a field person than a classroom person. However, he is 100% in it when he attends the class to gather the knowledge that will allow him to progress.

Originally from another business school in the region, Eliott changed his choices in the summer of 2021. What a shame to have stopped along the way?
“Not at all! Here the pace, structure and follow-up are very pleasant. It was very rewarding there too, but here I feel better. Inseec Chambéry corresponds to my personality. The school meets my expectations academically, in order to gradually build my professional life of tomorrow. Of course, not everything can please everyone; as far as I’m concerned, I find my account on the subjects that interest me, such as strategy, sales management or management in general. They allow me to improve my quality of work for the job I do today. It was well worth the sacrifice, which in the end is no longer a sacrifice, since I have a work-study program that is totally compatible with my aspirations, my schedule and the potential flexibility linked to my rhythm..

A welcoming and enjoyable campus life

“And then, on the Chambéry campus, I was really well received. There is a real collegial understanding between all the members of the class, without small groups like you can see everywhere else. We are 26 people who enjoy seeing each other every week of the course. Moments that we live intensely I must say, without any ulterior motives or calculations. We feel good and no one thinks they are someone else.

I am also fortunate to have speakers who are simply very good. Like this professor and special operations soldier dealing with cyber crime. I was particularly captivated by his business strategy courses in thefirst semester. The same goes for the sales manager of an outdoor equipment brand in the second half of the year. We feel that the school is trying to get the best speakers. The program manager that I also have as a teacher is very competent and above all very available. By a happy coincidence, I am also one of the students she is tutoring for the final thesis, because I know I can count on her if I need her. It is by far the most important element of the year. It will close my Bachelor * “

*Eliott is in his 3rd year of the Bachelor Marketing Development program.

Generally speaking, we are perfectly supervised, guided and accompanied. The transition from high school to future adulthood is a smooth one. Of course we are not held by the hand, but by two fingers! Inseec Chambéry offers a large number of courses that can satisfy everything that young people are looking for. The only Achilles heel I could point out is that there are not enough languages, both in number and especially in frequency. Of course, like many here, I am fluent in English, which we are still improving. But I’m losing my Italian and German, which I was getting by with.he concludes.

Eliott’s end of studies and work experience

This new school year is a different path from the one established before, but it is no less exciting. Indeed, when you do a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years, in the top 5 schools, it is then complicated to continue on to a “classic” M1 &M2. The options are an MSc or MS of 12 to 18 months duration, depending on the course chosen.

At the beginning of the new school year, he will continue at Inseec, on the campus of Lyon, his city, for a Master’s degree in Management and to obtain his coveted Bac + 5.

In terms of sports, Eliott has been rowing for a long time at a high level with the Annecy nautical circle. He has now turned to cross-fit, which is more compatible with his student life.

For his internship, he represents a French cocktail brand, Cockorico. It develops it in cafés, hotels, restaurants and wine shops within a sector… in France. This requires a lot of involvement, rigor and flexibility.

Eliott sees a lot of the country, meets a lot of people, exchanges, and above all… learns!

Updated 18 July 2022