Eva Larrazet, in internship at Columbia during the Bachelor Sport 1st year !

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First great experience for Eva Larrazet, student of Bachelor 1 Sport on the campus of Chambéry. The student did her winter sales internship in the Annecy boutique. She tells us about her first feelings.

What were your missions?

“I was a saleswoman, but my missions were diverse and multiple. I advised the customers in order to direct them towards the article the most adapted to their need. I managed the stock arrivals, as well as the reserve, so that the articles are classified and arranged in a very precise order which makes it possible to optimize time. I had the pleasure of having some responsibilities regarding merchandising, being in charge of modifying the windows and choosing the items to put forward on the mannequins.”

What did this first internship bring you?

“This internship has given me a knowledge of sales and the strategies used to sell better and more. I learned how to guide a customer towards a recommended sale adapted to their needs, as well as to refine my sales pitch.”

What will you remember from this first experience?

“I remember that sales is a relational job that requires you to know how to adapt quickly to the customer and to his ever more demanding needs. I will also remember from this experience that a tidy and organized work space is a real time saver.”

In which field would you like to do your second internship?

I would like to discover another field such as sports communication during my second internship. “

Updated 24 February 2022