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Marion and Pauline’s commitment to solidarity has been proven. Since their integration in INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry, they work for various causes in the framework of project management.

After a baccalaureate in economics, Marion and Pauline joined the post-baccalaureate program INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry. Among the many subjects taught, they particularly appreciated the “Project Management” course.

An unwavering commitment

At the beginning of the second year, our teacher Myriame Desandré told us about the “Pyramid of Shoes” events organized throughout France by Handicap International.

These pyramids take place every year in big cities (example: Place Bellecour in Lyon). We wanted to organize a small pyramid within INSEEC in Chambéry in order to show the solidarity of business school students to humanitarian causes.

We presented this project and its values in lecture hall in front of all our classmates, and made them aware of how to implement this project.” An educational role that Marion and Pauline took on effortlessly!

“Today, we have the satisfaction of continuity in our commitment as our teacher is asking us to present it to the2nd year students as soon as the 2015 school year starts.”

Causes that are important to us

With this project completed at the end of October, they decided to join a new cause.

The association Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, represented in Savoie by Michel Huart, was looking for volunteers to support a show “Carmina Burana”. This dance event was organized for the benefit of Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, directed by Matthieu Barrucand of the Compagnie Choryphée.

It is quite naturally that Marion and Pauline have positioned themselves on this project and especially on the search for sponsors.

“We were fortunate to see a colorful, dynamic show, representing the fight against the disease: a touching statement of generosity.

I have to help as much as I can, ” concludes Marion. ; even in business school, we have to be supportive! I wanted to prove that you can be a business school student AND be supportive in cohesion and sharing.”

Pauline: “Last year, I had already carried out a project to give donations to an association (SOS Femmes Violences) and even if the sums recovered were modest, I noticed that the association was very satisfied. I felt like continuing to give that satisfaction back to other causes.”

Marion and Pauline have learned a lot about relationships, sharing, and also about argumentation during these two experiences.

Updated 24 February 2022