From Grenoble to Athens by bike

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André, a Bachelor’s student in Chambéry, who is a sports fanatic, decided to cycle to Athens during the summer of 2014.

A great sportsman, this is not his first project as he has already participated in the4th edition of the Students Challenge, an eco-responsible car rally to Morocco with the objective of helping the local population to plant date palms.

This year, in company of his friend, his road trip will make him cross 6 countries in 2 months with in red thread Europe charged with History: 1914: a tragic episode – 2014: an important anniversary.

By visiting these countries, they wish to witness the perception of this anniversary by the current populations. “On a more personal level, we are curious to see what other countries can bring to us beyond the history books.

The vision of their Europe is articulated on a well-defined path:

  • Start from Grenoble with the objective of crossing the Alps to Turin,
  • Along the Po River, to Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea to Stlit,
  • Move away from the coast to the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo and return to Dubrovnik,
  • Then it will be the lands of Montenegro, Albania,
  • and Greece with the capital, Athens, as the arrival point.

Bicycles have quickly become the preferred means of transportation because they are an efficient and ecological way to get around.

Behind the windows of a car or a train, we don’t look at the landscape in the same way. We can escape from the “windows” that obscure more than they reveal and soak up the nature as well as the essence of the country. “confides André.

Their objective is also to leave a trace of their discoveries and impressions by words, photos, drawings. They plan to produce a document that will provide valuable information to people who want to travel by bike.

It will also be addressed to the people who have supported them throughout this project, from the preparation to the journey. For the moment, the pedal strokes are given for the search of sponsors (material and financing) in order to complete their budget and to be able to finally trace their way.

Updated 24 February 2022