Lilian Charon’s Bachelor Sport entrance exam day

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This was a first. First time taking an exam, “with a real impact and stake on my professional future.”

Him? Lilian Charon, 18 years old, currently in his final year of high school, took the entrance exam forInseec U. Sport on the Chambéry campus. We went to meet him, to collect his impressions.

You had to see them, all of them, inevitably a little stressed. Arriving at around 10 am, the fifty or so students all had a tense look in their eyes, on the Chambéry Campus; it was jury day and the motivation interview.

Lilian was one of them. He is applying to enter the1st year Inseec U. SPORT. He tells us how he prepared.

“I was in contact with Maud Piggio (from the admissions department) Bachelor). She gave me the general sports culture questionnaires from the previous sessions. I also trained myself by looking up a bit on the Internet and by asking around. I also revised my English because there was this test. I reworked my grammar in particular.”

How did Lilian prepare for the interview?

“To tell you the truth, with my dad (laughs!) and especially in the car before coming to school…”

“The director said it: be yourself!”

After the morning devoted to the written exams and a lunch offered by the school, it was time for the motivation interviews. Lilian especially enjoyed interacting with current students at the school who acted as guides around the campus.

“They greeted us as soon as we arrived and since I knew a few of them, I was able to talk with them. They reassured us and walked me to my room where I was able to interview.”

For about twenty minutes, Lilian was questioned about his project, his will and his motivations to enter the school.

“I remained myself, as the director had said: we shouldn’t change just because we were in front of a jury.

Sportsman and footballer at heart, Lilian is now waiting for his results, with confidence.

Updated 24 February 2022