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In 2016, the INSEEC Group launched INSEEC Sport, its Global Sports Business School, and offers a unique curriculum from Bachelor’s to MSc, resolutely focused on the international, digitalization and management of sports.

The Bachelor in Sport Management program was designed in collaboration with Michel DesbordesThis program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to quickly become operational in a company after a BAC + 3 degree and to prepare them for all sports business careers, particularly within equipment manufacturers, clubs or federations, in the management, marketing and sports event sectors.

Baptiste, currently in his2nd year internship at the INSEEC Bachelor, will join the Sports Management specialization at the beginning of the school year:

I chose the Bachelor’s degree specialized in sports business because it is the sector in which I will be the most invested and the most efficient: it is my favorite field since always, in particular thanks to my investment for rugby within my sports club.

Thanks to this specialized Bachelor’s degree, I would like to continue my studies, to integrate a Master’s degree in the sports business in order to get interesting internships in this sector. From a more personal point of view, I have always been involved in rugby, which I have been practicing for seven years as a player, coach, or simply by participating in extra-sport activities with my various clubs. This orientation seems logical to me, because it is passionate, thoughtful and natural. I know and am comfortable in the world of sports.

Focus on the sports economy and job prospects in the sports management sector

The sports economy is growing, undeniably boosted by the wave of wellness and the desire to take care of oneself of all segments of the population, from the youngest to the elderly, who have become great consumers of physical activities.

Analysts estimate that the global sports market is worth more than 800 billion euros worldwide: a fast-growing sector that offers international careers to our students who are passionate about sports. The sports market is often structured into three main sectors, all of which must adapt to numerous changes:

  • Sports marketing, which includes the activities of brands to develop their image and notoriety,
  • The sporting goods market is undergoing a major transformation, particularly with the emergence of digital technology,
  • Sport organizations, promoting the practice of sport and its development.

The sports sector is booming and the main players are looking for many operational and passionate profiles. The jobs for which the Bachelor’s degree in “Sport Management” prepares (with the possibility of continuing to MSc BAC + 5) could be :
Sports marketing manager, digital marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, sponsorship manager, sports event designer, store manager, sales coordinator, agency account manager, sports marketing project manager, sports structure manager…

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Updated 24 February 2022