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TheINSEEC Bachelor Chambéry is committed to offering its students differentiating skills and, above all, in the era of time! Focus on the Learning 7 digital marketing program with a professional certification at the end!https://www.youtube.com/embed/OrDCm17zHpY?feature=oembed

Developed by marketing experts in partnership with digital industry leaders including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube, Learning 7 was designed to boost students’ digital marketing skills at their own pace through a challenging and engaging experience.

At the start of the 2018 school year, the3rd year Bachelors of the INSEEC U. Chambéry were the first to take a digital marketing module in blended-learning, i.e. e-learning with supervision provided by a teacher. This year, the module has been renewed in the core curriculum of the third year.

Thirty hours of practice and a certificate at the end of the course

The module consists of seven levels of skills and knowledge that begin with an introductory video by an expert (Publicis, Taeds, Global brands, etc.).

  • Completion
  • Professional
  • Expert

At the end of the chapters, it’s time for the “Final Quiz”! The Final Quiz is a way to endorse the tools and course material transmitted.

Three levels of certification are awarded based on the final correct answer rate: “Completion” (50%) / “Professional” (65%) / “Expert” (80%).

The prorata established on the basis of the “Expert” level will result in a mark in the report card and two ECTS!

Digitizing the learning of this particular subject makes sense,” explains the head of the INSEEC Bachelor’s program in Chambéry. Learning 7 is the culmination of three years of study in which marketing plays a major role, given the professional title the students are pursuing. More explanations in video!

Updated 24 February 2022