Launch of the INSEEC Bachelor’s degree in “Real Estate Transactions and Real Estate” in September 2017

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The INSEEC Bachelor is launching an eighth third-year specialization, starting at the start of the 2017 school year: Real Estate Transactions and Real Estate.

In the context of a strong expertise in the sector, with the existence of a real estate institute created within the INSEEC Group, the INSEEC Real Estate Institute, the Bachelor program in Paris will be able to rely on an existing network of speakers and experts, to train students in real estate management.

This new specialization aims to train future professionals in rental management, condominium management, and real estate transactions.

The program is offered in initial alternating rhythm with an internship agreement, fixed-term or permanent contract (3 days at school / 2 days in the company + 6 months of internship) or in alternating rhythm with a professionalization contract (3 days in the company / 2 days at the school over 12 months).

At the end of the Bachelor’s degree, students can continue on to one of the INSEEC Group’s MSc programs, in order to obtain a Bac + 5 and access managerial positions in the sector. They also have the possibility of entering the job market directly: INSEEC’s Bachelor’s program professionalizes the students and also allows them to be employed at the Bac + 3 level, in “Middle Management” commercial positions.

Focus on the real estate economy and job prospects in the sector:

The real estate sector is not experiencing a crisis: spending on housing is estimated at 14% of GDP in France.

The real estate market is vast and ensures a strong employability in the fields of acquisition, sale, renting but also construction, financing, operational management, optimization of the occupancy rate and renovation.

In France, more than 230,000 people work in the real estate sector, including 42,000 managers (recruitment of approximately 3,000 managers per year).

Updated 24 February 2022