Marina Padilla-Martinez, enthusiastic beginnings in Bachelor 1 at Campus Chambéry

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In her first year of the Bachelor’s program since the beginning of the school year in September 2020, Marina Padilla-Martinez has nothing but praise for the training she received at Inseec U in Chambéry. In a business-oriented specialization, the young woman gives a very positive assessment of her first semester at the school.

An enriching program and a multitude of possibilities!

For this native of Chamonix, staying close to her family was essential.
His entry into Inseec U in Chambéry was both an opportunity and an opening.

“I wanted to go into business,” she explains, ” but it’s vast and I was a little lost. I knew that the school had great grades. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying it!”

Seduced by the program, the variety of subjects during the first two years, before specializing in the3rd, Marina is enthusiastic:

“I like everything! Communication, marketing and digital mainly. Considering the period, the school has adapted very well to the health situation. The speakers are passionate, they really follow us and never leave us out.”

A course to see behind the scenes

The young Bachelor also did a sales internship at Berenice in Chamonix.

“I really like the contact with the customers. Everything went great, even though I already know that this is not a job I want to do, she says. I put myself in the shoes of the salespeople, who are often forgotten. The internship made me realize that their tasks are not easy.”

Experiences that already allow him to refine his choices.

“Before I entered the school, I was focused on human resources, I had blinders on. But since we are well supervised, and there are many subjects at Inseec, it gives us ideas.”

Updated 24 February 2022