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Maud is a dance instructor on weekends and a student at the Inseec Bachelor during the week. She tells us about her experience:

My name is Maud, I am 21 years old and I am a marketing student in Paris. I am also a dance instructor during the weekend in the town of Ichy in Seine et Marne.

My passion for dance

I started dancing in 2008 in Mennecy in Essonne. I was 13 years old, in5th grade, and during a history class, flyers for a musical casting were distributed. Intrigued, I then inquired about this project which was launched by my city and which sought young talents. I decided to participate in the casting as a dancer even though I had no experience in this field. My application was accepted and I started taking modern jazz classes. In 2009, having had a lot of fun during my year, I decided to take dance classes again and to continue to participate in the “musicals” in my town. In order to progress technically and to diversify my choreographic culture, I started classical dance classes in 2010. It was a revelation for me and I became fascinated with the classical, neo-classical and contemporary style of my dance teacher. I am still taking classes with her today.

It was in 2014 that my artistic journey evolved considerably. My dance teacher who also taught in an association in Seine-et-Marne, for personal reasons, could not go there anymore, offered me to take over her classes and thus to replace her. I was put in contact with the director of the Pirouette association in Ichy who proposed me to do a trial class in order to meet the children aged between 4 and 16 years old. My first class as a dance leader was on 01/28/2014, I still remember it vividly, as the feeling with the director and the kids was immediately and obvious.

So I finished organizing the end of year show that was presented in June 2014 and decided to continue the adventure for the following years. In this association I am in charge of the creation of the story of the show, the costumes, the musical editing and all the choreographic creation. In 2015 I did my show on the theme of film music and in 2016 on the time machine. Working in this association allowed me to develop a pedagogy with the children and also to open up even more to others. I had to organize myself to establish a schedule so as not to fall behind, you have to motivate the children even when they are tired.

This association really allows me to exchange and to be able to transmit my passion is a real happiness. Currently, I am in the process of building my show which will take place on Sunday, June 25, 2017 in Ichy on the theme of traveling around the world. I also continue to take classical/neo-classical/contemporary dance classes at the conservatory in Mennecy. A dancer is never done learning and that gives me great pleasure.

My work-study program at INSEEC Bachelor

I chose the work-study program at INSEEC Bachelor for different reasons, first of all because it brings a professional experience, then it allows a direct application of the courses that are studied and finally it allows to be in a constant dynamic. The work-study program is a challenge that requires perfect organization and allows you to acquire an exemplary rigor. I’m doing my work-study at Carrefour’s head office as a merchandising assistant for baby and childcare textiles. I had spent 2 years in this same company, still in the communication department. I got my BTS and graduated at the top of my class. My work placement is going very well, I am learning a lot and developing my knowledge in a positive dynamic.

I am currently in the I am currentlystudying marketing in order to develop my skills in communication, strategic and digital marketing, computer science, promotions… My week is organized: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday in the company; Thursday/Friday at school; Saturday morning dance classes in my association and Saturday afternoon I take dance classes at the conservatory.

After my Bachelor’s degree, I want to continue my studies. I haven’t decided yet whether to do a specialized Master’s degree or the Grande Ecole program, but I would like to continue with a work-study program. I hope to continue to give classes on Saturdays to children, but also to practice my passion which is dance by taking classes at the conservatory and why not integrate new projects if the opportunity arises.

Updated 24 February 2022