Political communication, light on a man in the shadows

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As part of their “Event Communication” course, the students of the Bachelor program had to organize a conference on the theme “Political Communication, light on a man in the shade”.

This conference took place on Thursday, January 23 and was moderated by Thomas Bree, coach and political communication professional.

Thomas Bree holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Information and Communication. He began his career as Chief of Staff for a local authority in the Saint-Etienne area. In 1996, he joined the cabinet of the Deputy Mayor of Annecy (and former Minister). He will be his chief of staff for 12 years, in charge of decision support, communication and electoral strategy as well as prefectural and ministerial relations. He returned to the private sector in 2007 where he held the positions of sales director, general manager and then consultant specialized in organization, management, strategy and training. 2014, return to politics as an advisor to a candidate for Mayor of Annecy.

This is to say that the backstage of politics have no secret for this man of the shadows who explained to the students how the unofficial and the media issues are combined.
Team, strategy, communication means, nothing is left to chance.
The human aspect also plays a major role because the notion of leadership is important and the development of a project must involve a united and motivated team.
Campaign strategies at the communication level were also discussed, both in terms of messages and targets, and taking into account web campaigns where everything can change in a few clicks.

Bernard Portugal, a journalist at France 3, brought the debate about the relationship between politicians and journalists to life.

The students asked many questions and the exchange continued around a cocktail offered by the various partners of the event.

Updated 24 February 2022