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Next Wednesday, our Bachelor speakers will face their counterparts from EHESS, for the launch of the 21/22 FDA tournament season.

What happened last Tuesday?

In order to be in the best conditions for the competition, our representatives faced those of Supaero during a friendly match. After an intense verbal joust, our students unfortunately lost with a very close score of 3-2. However, the team coached by Robert Bradford came out of this debate stronger and is now ready for the competition that will start on Wednesday, February 10th at 7pm.

What are the rules of the tournament?

The F.D.A. (French Debating Association) tournament is a tournament that brings together more than 30 schools throughout France. In the style of a Paris V or House of commons debate, five government speakers and five opposition speakers debate consecutively for 6 minutes each on a motion imposed by the government. The debate starts with the first speaker from the government, then the first speaker from the opposition and so on. The exchanges are held exclusively in English and the best team will be selected by a jury of three people.

How do juries make their choices?

Each member of the jury judges on five equal criteria, namely:

  • The arguments
  • The shape
  • Teamwork
  • The commitment
  • The “Star Quality

(Each criterion is worth 1 point to the team)

Who is in the Inseec Bachelor’s pool?

In total the FDA has 30 schools or universities divided into 4 pools of 5. The best team in each pool qualifies directly for the semi-finals. In the INSEEC Bachelor’s pool are: Sciences Sorbonne University, École des Hautes études en sciences sociales, Telecom Paris, Panthéon Sorbonne.

An experienced group but one that does not shake our speakers.

We will meet again, Wednesday February 10th, at 7pm, online, to support our bachelors!

Updated 24 February 2022