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You are currently in your final year of high school and have discovered the “ Admission Post-Bac” system? You still have until March 20 to validate your wishes and you are afraid that the final verdict is not to your liking? Don’t panic: APB wishes are not the only way to recruit!

While a certain number of schools require you to go through the APB system, there are also schools that recruit without it. This is particularly true of most business schools.
Whether you are looking for training in management, communication, finance or human resources, the schools recruit through competitive exams and/or by application and interview. Follow the path that suits you and don’t let APB alone decide your future! Maximize your chances of continuing your education in your chosen field and combine the two!

Join the INSEEC Bachelor through the Bachelor Evolution competition

A business school firmly anchored in the INSEEC Group (the leading private higher education group in France) which delivers a Bac+3 title: theINSEEC Bachelor gives access to the Grande Ecole Program of the INSEEC Business School (Diploma aimed at Bac+5 carrying the Grade of Master).

The INSEEC Bachelor was born from the merger of the MBA Institute, an INSEEC Group school created in 1982, and the EGC Chambéry.
These two schools have combined theinternational DNA, aiming at an excellent study and the development of operational professional skills.
Accessible directly after the BAC, the program offers three tracks – ” Be Pro “, ” Be International” and ” Be Sport ” – which are interchangeable over the course of three years, delivering quality teaching and providing students with solid skills.

Through its pedagogy based on management, general culture and the acquisition of operational skills, the INSEEC Bachelor prepares students for successful careers.

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Updated 24 February 2022