How to become a salesman in the luxury industry?

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Commerce is one of the luxury sectors that are recruiting more and more. But like all professions, training is necessary to master and thus practice in the field. How to become a salesman in the luxury industry? We detail it for you.

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How to become a sales representative in the luxury industry?

There are several ways to become a sales representative in the luxury industry. You can follow courses in business schools, IAE or universities, and opt for a :

  • BTS Negotiation and customer relations;
  • BTS Management of commercial units ;
  • BTS commercial technician;
  • DUT marketing techniques ;
  • Bachelor Luxury ;
  • Licence pro commerce international ;
  • Master in Purchasing ;
  • Master luxe ;
  • Master of International Trade.

To specialize in the luxury industry, specific training in the field is required in addition to corporate experience.

What are the missions of a sales representative in the luxury industry?

A sales representative in the luxury industry is responsible for increasing sales, and therefore turnover. Its mission is also to prospecting for the development of new markets. Depending on the product, the luxury salesperson may be required to be in direct contact with customers. In order to anticipate changes in strategy or the needs of their clients, the luxury salesperson studies the sales figures to give feedback to the marketing team or production.

What is the salary of a salesperson in the luxury industry?

The salary of a salesperson in the luxury industry is divided into two parts: the fixed salary and the variable salary. The first is the compensation agreed upon at the time of hiring. As for the second, it will depend on the results of the sales person, the sales person can receive bonuses and commissions for each sale made. His/her monthly remuneration evolves according to his/her activities, as well as the company and experience.

What are the essential qualities and skills to be a salesperson in the luxury industry?

A few qualities and skills are essential to work as a luxury salesperson. First, you must be a good negotiator and know how to advise by knowing your product and your customers’ expectations.

Secondly, a luxury salesperson must be driven by the challenge to achieve his or her goals quickly. Finally, a good luxury salesperson must have good interpersonal skills. Indeed, he will be in contact with customers or with distributors, with new people. In the luxury sector, the sales representative must be attentive to his customers and live up to the quality of the product offered.

What training should I do at INSEEC to become a salesman in the luxury industry?

To become a salesman in the luxury industry, you can opt for the training we offer at INSEEC:

Discover INSEEC’s Bachelor in Luxury

The Bachelor of Luxuryallows you to specialize in the fields of luxury and high-end sales methods. The training takes place in 1, 2 or 3 years. To be eligible, you must have a BAC. This course aims to train professionals in the sector to help them understand the market, train and lead the sales force, implement sales actions, organize and make sales.

In addition, the Bachelor of Luxury helps students to:

  • Understand the company’s marketing and sales thinking;
  • Implement actions to develop the company’s customer base;
  • to control the actions of development of customers;
  • prepare reports and propose appropriate corrective measures.

Why choose INSEEC’s BBA Luxury brand management & marketing?

The Luxury Brand Management & Marketing” major of the BBA provides all students with the technical skills required to pursue an international career in this sector. All of our students in this program can work on a consulting project for one semester and present their recommendations to company executives.

Join INSEEC’s MBA Luxury brand management!

The MBA Luxury Brand Managementis a BAC+5 course, allowing students to obtain the professional certification of Marketing and Business Strategy Manager. To apply for the1st year MSC, you must have a BAC+3. Holders of a BAC+4 can apply directly for the 2nd year MSC.

This training allows you to:

  • Determine the marketing strategy and propose an innovative offer
  • Define and implement the business development plan
  • Manage and implement communication and digital marketing actions
  • Manage a marketing and sales team

In addition, the pace of classes may vary depending on the campus and the nature of the course. The latter can be done under an internship agreement or a professionalization/apprenticeship contract.

To go further: FAQ luxury.

Updated 13 July 2023