How to get into luxury marketing?

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Luxury marketing professions are taking precedence in the recruitment of companies. They aim to develop the image of a luxury brand, to encourage purchases or to build customer loyalty. Qualities and skills are required for these jobs. In concrete terms, how do you get into luxury marketing?

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How to successfully enter the luxury marketing business?

To enter the luxury marketing industry, certain skills and qualifications are required. Being passionate, rigorous, curious, and having an artistic and creative spirit are not enough to succeed in this sector. You must be ateam player, adaptable and have the ability to synthesize and analyze.

Indeed, you will be the guarantor of the brand’s image. Therefore, you must be able to transmit your passion for luxury to your clients. In addition to the basic qualities and skills, mastery of foreign languages is also essential: English is number 1 and Italian, Russian or Chinese is number 2. Managerial skills are also necessary to gain responsibility and grow within the teams. Finally, a few years of experience and an appropriate degree are also required.

What is the purpose of luxury marketing for companies?

Luxury marketing is about developing an exceptional brand image. In addition, it will allow companies to acquire new customers, retain potential customers and boost their sales.

What are the professions in luxury marketing?

To work in the sector, you need to know about luxury marketing.

  • luxury product manager: in charge of market research to target current trends and buyers’ desires. This professional will develop products in direct response to consumer needs. He will also set up promotional strategies for the launch of a product;
  • luxury brand manager: deals with the promotion of a product to enhance the values and spirit of a brand. He will define a national and international implementation strategy and carry out communication missions in partnership with agencies;
  • A research manager in the luxury goods industry is the initiator of a product launch. He will also study the strategies of the competition. By collecting statistics and data, the luxury research manager launches a promotional campaign corresponding to the reality of the moment.

Where to learn about luxury marketing?

To work in luxury marketing, you can go to business school. You also have the possibility of following a classic marketing curriculum and specializing in luxury thanks to internships and work-study programs. Depending on the path, your curriculum may look like:

  • 2 years for a BTS ;
  • 3 years for a Licence ;
  • 4 years for a BBA
  • 5 years for a Master
  • 7-10 for a PhD or thesis.

Once you have a BAC, you can enter business schools to obtain a :

  • BTS Luxury ;
  • BTS design du luxe ;
  • Licence pro marketing du luxe ;
  • Master of Cosmetics Marketing;
  • Master in luxury management ;
  • Master in luxury communication and prestige marketing.

What qualities should you have to succeed in luxury marketing?

To successfully enter the luxury marketing field, analytical and synthesis skills are required. Financial and legal skills with a command of management information systems are also prerequisites for this profession. In addition to the mastery of foreign languages.

In addition to the technical skills you have acquired, you must also be passionate about the world of luxury. You must have a solid general culture and be curious about the world of luxury.

Why choose INSEEC to train in luxury marketing?

Choosing INSEEC to train in luxury marketing has many advantages. We train you to understand the market, to train and lead the sales force, to prepare sales actions, to organize and make sales. Our Bachelor in Luxury prepares you to :

  • Understand the company’s marketing and sales thinking;
  • implement actions to optimize the company’s customer base;
  • Evaluate customer development actions and produce reports.

In addition, INSEEC offers a work-study program that will provide you with the necessary foundations to optimize your employability and easily find a job later on. All our final year courses are professional and allow you to be directly operational at the end of your training.

As for the major “Luxury Brand Management & Marketing BBA or of Grande Ecoleit provides you with all the necessary technical skills for an international career in the sector. MBA Luxury Brand Management allows students to immerse themselves in the world of luxury, with a focus on wine, champagne and gastronomy.

The seminars are conducted by working luxury professionals and are based on concrete case studies. They are accompanied by visits to companies. These “field trips” are an important aspect of our pedagogical project as they allow students to meet directly with the major players in the market and to be confronted with the reality of the company.

Updated 13 July 2023