Is it possible to do a work-study program after the age of 26?

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First, we would like to remind you of the principle of alternation. It is an effective way to benefit from theoretical training while putting it into practice in a company. Basically, it is intended for young people who want to benefit from a higher and professional training designed to facilitate their access to a trade.

Secondly, it is also aimed at young people who are looking for work and who want to complete their training in order to access a job that they like and that is related to their training. So you’re wondering if you can do a work-study program after the age of 26? The answer is yes, and you even have 2 options to choose from.

At INSEEC, we offer an apprenticeship contract if you are over 26 but under 30 and a professionalization contract if you are over 26. All of this is done within the framework of a work-study program and it is up to you to make the right choice of contract.

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Doing a work-study program by opting for an apprenticeship contract

Are you under 30 years old? You want to complete your training in order to obtain a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor? Do you want to have a first professional experience in a company and get a feel for the world of work? The apprenticeship contract is within your reach.

You can take advantage of certain benefits such as the student trade card, which offers you discounts on transportation costs and university restaurants. It is not issued if you are over 26 years old.

However, some grants are valid until you turn 30. This is the case, for example, with the Mobili-jeune aid, which allows you to pay only part of your rent.

That said, it is worth mentioning that this type of work-study training gives you slightly fewer advantages than the professionalization contract (called “contrat pro”) from a salary point of view. But that’s what also makes it more attractive to companies! And it is the companies that ultimately decide on the type of contract.

Doing a work-study program by opting for a professional contract

The pro contract is offered to young people studying for a 3rd year Bachelor’s degree or 1st and 2nd year Master’s degree, who need training to acquire the skills they need to access a job. It is open to young people aged 16 to 25. Those over 26 years of age must be registered with Pôle Emploi and therefore have the status of a job seeker to be eligible.

This is the only work-study contract possible for people over 30. You want to retrain after several years of work? Are you looking for a job? Do you want to increase your employability to maximize your chances of getting a job? Do you want to learn new skills while working in a company? The pro contract is the type of work-study program that suits you.

For this work-study program, you benefit from an alternating company/school rhythm, such as 3 days / 2 days or 3 weeks / 2 weeks, which allows you to benefit from an even more advanced practical training. You benefit from the status of employee and all the advantages of the other employees of the company to which your contract binds you.

The pro contract gives you every opportunity to find a job and helps you to gradually integrate the company during your work-study program. You are more likely to get the job at the end of your program. At INSEEC, for example, we make sure that you can start the contract before the beginning of the training and finish it before the end of the training. This is to give you more time to prove yourself in a company.

Updated 2 August 2023