What are the jobs in sales?

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The trade and sales professions include the fields of purchasing, management and sales organization. The trade professions aim to market services and goods to professionals (BTOB) or individuals (BTOC). There are many professions revolving around this sector of activity.

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What are the professions in Commerce and Sales?

A sales engineer sells technical products to companies. He has unique technical knowledge and specializes in complex and advanced solutions.

An Account Executive is responsible for the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to closing the deal and beyond. It provides after-sales support to continue to meet customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

An inside salesperson usually works on a predictable schedule. He can break down his weekly or monthly sales quota into number of calls.

A sales development representative is responsible for generating leads and moving them into the sales pipeline. He must have a thorough knowledge of the products. With this knowledge, he increases his chances of closing the most interesting deals.

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What are the sales courses at INSEEC?

Sales training is the process of improving the skills, knowledge and attributes of salespeople. To be most effective, sales training must be viewed, designed and executed as a change management initiative.

Sales training programs help sales teams and their managers reach their goals faster. Investments in sales training are critical to the development of sales teams.

There are basically four types of sales training: inside sales, field sales, service sales and sales management.

INSEEC’s Bachelor’s degree in Business Development is a degree of Bac+3. It is delivered at the end of a multidisciplinary training in Commerce, Management and Administration lasting one, two or three years depending on the school level. The training involves several periods in companies, in initial (internship) or alternating (apprenticeship contract). The holder of this Bachelor’s degree will have the qualities of a Manager capable of adapting to today’s entrepreneurial world. However, he or she may have access to a specialization by following post-bachelor studies.

The MSc Trade Marketing, Distribution & Business Developmentprogram at INSEEC offers many opportunities and provides a diploma after 1 or 2 years of training. It is a comprehensive program that educates students in the major areas of business.

What are the best paid jobs in sales?

Sales Operations Managers are responsible for managing and streamlining the sales process on behalf of their companies. They use best practices in automation and sales support. The key skills of a Sales Operations Manager include organizational skills, process management and operational management.

A sales manager is a sales professional responsible for supervising a team of salespeople. He is responsible for strategic planning and the launch of new products and services. It is responsible for anticipating and avoiding market stagnation and maximizing profits. Sales managers set sales targets based on company goals and objectives.

An account manager is the person responsible for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with a company’s customers. He must supervise a series of clients. It is the main point of contact with the customer. He manages sales and takes care of relationships with specific clients.

A sales representative sells products or services to businesses and organizations on behalf of manufacturers and wholesalers. They may work directly for the company that manufactures the products or for an independent sales agency.

An Account Executive creates business plans to meet pre-determined goals and quotas. They generally manage the entire sales cycle, from finding customers to closing deals.

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Do you have to study to work in sales?

Sales can be as challenging as it is rewarding for your team. Without proper training on the company’s products and services, your team may experience a drop in sales.

In sales, experience trumps education. But completing your education is more undeniable for those aiming for high positions. The relationship with your clientele is important and having a similar background is an important advantage.

Education and experience go hand in hand in the sales industry. There are no criteria to determine which one takes precedence. To be successful, you must always have a thirst for knowledge.

Updated 13 July 2023