What is business training?

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Are you sure you want to pursue a business degree and a career in business? Are you hesitating between going to university or a specialized school? You also don’t know which program to choose among all those available? Find out in this article what a business training is.

In summary:

Business training:

  • Is beneficial for any student or professional wishing to work in the field of business.
  • Can give access to many opportunities
  • provides access to a well-paid job
  • Is available at the university as well as in a business and/or management school.
  • Trains in business and other related fields.
  • May allow you to pursue a career at the international level.

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What is a commercial training course?

Sales training is about teaching you what you need to know to be a good salesperson. Depending on the level of study you want to achieve as well as your personal ambitions and professional projects, it can bring you a lot. It is simply a matter of choosing in advance the particular sector in which you wish to work in order to pre-specialize via your internship or work-study program .

Indeed, commerce is a multidisciplinary sector linked to other fields including marketing, finance, communication and management. In fact, the basics of all these subjects are taught as a core curriculum during your first years of higher education at an institution.

How do I get into a business program after high school?

Are you more interested in theory and research? Are you even considering a doctorate in the future to be able to teach your passion to other students? It is then possible for you to do your business training at the university. It is the LMD system, i.e. Bachelor’s – Master’s – Doctorate, which is offered.

To enter university and study business, you must naturally have your baccalaureate. Ideally, you should choose a speciality that is related to it, such as the ECG or general economic and commercial bac, or the ECT or technological economic and commercial bac. You then have to choose between going through the Parcoursup platform or handling your admission and application yourself.

How to enter a business school after the baccalaureate?

If you really want to specialize in the field of business and have easier access to a profession, you can also join a business school. Most specialized institutions require you to take a competitive exam or submit your application for selection.

To study business after the baccalaureate, join Inseec, which offers many programs in the Business/ Commerce specialization. Go to the school’s website to see the complete list and ask questions in the FAQ section if necessary.

INSEEC’s BBA and BTS programs are accessible via PARCOURSUP.

The INSEEC Bachelor’s program is offered outside PARCOURSUP, through an internal competition.

How long does a sales training course last?

Depending on your projects, the length of a sales training course may vary. You can be satisfied with a BTS or a DUT which are both normally obtained in 2 years. You also have the possibility to go to the baccalaureate + 3 by opting for a license or a bachelor. To access more prestigious jobs, you can also choose to do a master’s degree equivalent to a Bac + 5.

What jobs does a commercial training prepare you for?

First of all, no matter what your ambitions are, a sales training course prepares you to become a good salesperson. This is a quality that you will always need throughout your career, even if you manage to get to a managerial, executive or director position.

In addition to the commercial professions, those in related sectors such as marketing, finance, communication and human resources are also accessible to you. This is indeed the whole point of doing a commercial training because it prepares you to become versatile. With a good command of English and/or other foreign languages, you can even consider working internationally.

Consult here the detailed list of possible openings in the trade sector.

What are the business courses offered by Inseec?

As abusiness and management school, Inseec offers many business courses. Go to our website and go to the Business/ Commerce specialization to find the list of programs offered.

Among other things, you can start at Inseec with a BTS, then a Bachelor’s degree in Business Development – E-commerce and Start Up. Then, choose to go up to the baccalaureate + 5 by doing a MSc Project Management & Business Engineering The MSc Project Management & Business Engineering offers a complete program to train students to manage a project from the launch phase to delivery, while implementing long-term partnership strategies with clients.

Updated 13 July 2023