What is the difference between HR and HRD?

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You have just graduated from high school and you dream of working in the human resources department of a company? Want to know the difference between HR and HRD? We will explain the links and the difference between HR and HRD, what their responsibilities are within the company and how much they receive.

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What are the tasks of an HR?

Do you want to join the human resources department when you finish your studies? You should know thatan HRM or a Human Resources Manager is a position under the direction of the HRD, “Director of Human Resources”. In general, they assume the same functions within the company, it is the hierarchical form that differentiates them.

Indeed, the HR is in charge of all the tasks that concern the company’s personnel. The service depends on the size and capacity of the staff within the company. The larger the company’s organizational structure, the more specialized positions are required in the HR department.

The duties of an HR are to oversee the entire human resources department. Her responsibilities include:

  • Set up the recruitment process, from the interview to the integration;
  • Analyze and conduct employee performance evaluations;
  • manage the payroll, paid leave ;
  • Monitor new trends in human resources management in terms of salary and benefits;
  • Enforce internal rules and regulations and ensure compliance with them among employees;
  • promote training and skills development;
  • Collaborate with the various departments of the company to attract and recruit talent according to internal needs.

In a nutshell, HR takes care of the day-to-day needs of the human resources department. Its functions include everything that directly affects the personnel, in order to ensure the development of the company.

What are the responsibilities of a Human Resources Director?

The HRD or Human Resources Director is in charge of the management activities and the strategy of the department. The directorate includes HR managers and HR administrators.

The HRD is in charge of the general policy of the company and looks after the quality, the wages and the well-being of everyone at work. Since he/she manages the entire HR department and the various departments that make it up, the tasks of the HRD are more diverse:

  • the implementation of the recruitment policy;
  • Skills management through professional training and internal mobility;
  • Compensation and payroll management;
  • Health, safety and well-being at work.

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What is the difference between HR and HRD?

Even if the missions of the two professions have many points in common, you should know that the professions of HR and HRD are different, according to the following criteria:

First, note that HR reports to the HRD, on a line item basis. Depending on the size of the company, the human resources department may be provided by HR. For a large company, the HRD will manage the entire department.

In addition, HR provides the technical functions of the department, from recruitment to personnel management. While the HRD must ensure the smooth running of the company by managing all departments. He/she implements the company’s internal policy within his/her department. Its objective is to combine economic performance with employee satisfaction.

You can find the detailed job descriptions here.

What is the average salary of an HR?

In France, to be in charge of HR requires a minimum of a Bac + 2 degree. Depending on the company and its size in terms of personnel, the average salary is around €2,600 gross per month, with HR earning between €25,000 and €35,000 gross per year according to statistics. The salary depends on the capacity of the staff, the location of the company and the sector of activity.

What is the average salary of a HRD ?

For a Human Resources Director or HRD, the average salary is between €5,000 and €17,000 gross per month. With a 5-year degree and greater responsibilities, the HRD earns between €60,000 and €150,000 gross per year, depending on the size of the company.

How to go from HR to HRD?

Regardless of the size of the company, one can move from the HR position to the HRD position. The HR profession can be accessed with a Bac + 2 in labor law or human resources. To become an HRD, you need a Bac + 5. Then, you can continue your studies in alternation or do a master’s degree separately. Once you have earned the appropriate degree, be aware that a great deal of experience is required. To move from HR to HRD, you have to master all the tasks within the department. It is necessary to understand the company’s internal policy in order to develop and optimize it.

What training should I do to qualify for the position of HRD?

If you are considering applying for the position of HRD within the company, you must have the right degree. A bachelor’s degree is essential.

At INSEEC, the Msc2 Human Resources Manager provides specialized training to qualify for the position of HRD. You have access to this program with a Bachelor’s degree or an M1.

In two years, you will learn all about the human resources department. At INSEEC, you will master the digital tools and concepts related to human resources management.

Updated 13 July 2023