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Human Resources and Health is one of the 10 specializations offered at INSEEC.

This sector is subject to significant changes, linked to the aging of the population, the rise of distance learning and new ways of working.

Find the most frequently encountered jobs:

Recruitment officer

The recruitment officer is involved in the upstream phases of a recruitment consulting mission. He/she is responsible for identifying, contacting and pre-selecting potential candidates.

What are the missions of a recruitment officer?

Therecruitment managerdefines the position and the profile sought according to the needs of his client, which allows him to identify potential candidate profiles and to propose a search strategy.
He/she implements the search strategy and then approaches the candidates identified or selects the applications received. It also hunts down the profiles identified within the target companies.
He/she is responsible for the administrative follow-up of the mission and for reporting to the client.
Monitoring is also part of his mission and he has to create a pool of candidates for the firm.

What are the skills of a recruitment officer?

The recruitment manager has a general knowledge of the organization and functioning of a company and a good economic culture.
He/she masters interviewing techniques, particularly telephone interviews, in order to quickly and appropriately evaluate the candidates contacted.
He has a perfect knowledge of the jurisprudence governing the direct approach.
He is a good listener, persuasive and persistent.

HR Consultant

The HR consultant (or HR engineering consultant) acts as an advisor and assists the company with various HR issues: recruitment, social relations, GPEC, training, mobility or personnel evaluation.

What are the missions of an HR consultant?

The consultant analyzes the client’s needs and establishes a structured consulting proposal in which he defines the intervention process: diagnosis of the problem, support actions, budgets, schedules, internal and external resources, expected results, criteria and performance indicators.
It implements the proposal and takes care to verify that the resources and means provided are sufficient.
He/she takes charge of the mission follow-up, accompanies his/her client and adjusts the actions, ensures the after-sales service and establishes a report.

What are the skills of an HR consultant?

The HR consultant knows the business world, the job market, the professions and the required qualifications. He also has knowledge of social and labor law, taxation, business creation, recruitment and the territorial economy of collective agreements.
He masters project management and practices technical evaluation tests.
Excellent listening, analytical and empathetic skills are required.
He knows how to mobilize his client and is able to resist pressure.

Director of a medical facility

The director of a health, social and medico-social establishment (DESSMS)performs his or her duties in public retirement homes, public departmental child welfare establishments, public establishments for the disabled or maladjusted, public accommodation and social reintegration centers or public health establishmentswith no surgical, obstetrical or hospitalization servicesunder duress.

What are the missions of a Medical Director?

Thedirector of a health,socialandmedico-socialinstitution(DESSMS) assumes, in liaison with the board of directors, the general responsibility for the proper functioning of the institution.
It manages the human, financial and economic resources of the establishment.
It is also responsible for defining the institution’s future strategies and for developing and coordinating the implementation of projects. It also ensures a coordination function.
Finally, he or she is responsible for communication. The director of a health and social institution is the institutional representative of the institution.

What are the competenciesofa Medical Director?

The director of a health care institution occupies a hybrid position, which is at once medical, social and administrative. Its main quality must therefore beversatility.
It must also present:
– agreat sense of interpersonal skillsand an ability to adapt to all types of interlocutors
rigorandgood organization
– a strong sense ofempathyfor both patients and employees
managementskills and a taste for administration
Responsible for all aspects of the life of his or her institution, the director of a health care institution must also be able towithstand pressureand beadaptable(especially due to changes in legislation).

Social lawyer

The labor lawyer assists and advises the human resources department and the company’s operational departments on labor legislation.

What are the missions of a social lawyer?

The main mission of the employment lawyer is to handle employment cases, which he or she monitors with the lawyers. He or she secures all of the company’s processes, in particular those related to strategic change projects.
He or she also provides advice on social management: prepares and organizes meetings with the IRP, responds to requests in the area of social law and communicates formally and institutionally within the company on changes that have an impact on labor law or the collective agreement.
He also monitors employment law in order to keep abreast of the various developments likely to influence the company.

What are the skills of a of a Social Lawyer?

The social lawyer is required to have a perfect mastery of social law: labor code, social security law, the company’s collective agreement and jurisprudence.
It must be rigorous, because the slightest error in the processing of files can lead to costly procedures for the company.
He or she must also be diplomatic as he or she is advising on labor legislation and must not make value judgments.

HR & Payroll Administration Manager

The HR and Payroll Administration Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and payroll management of the company’s employees.

What are the missions of an HR & Payroll Administration Manager?

The HR & Payroll Administration Manager supervises an administrative team and/or payroll managers in the following missions: ensuring compliance with the labor code and the company’s internal regulations, applying the regulations of the collective agreement and company agreements, ensuring relations with social organizations and managing the payroll.
He provides advice both through dialogue with employees and with the company’s managers.
HR reporting is also part of his missions: elaboration of social tables, data analysis, drafting of the company’s social balance sheet.

What are theskillsofan HR & Payroll Administration Manager?

The HR and Payroll Administration Manager is required to have a very precise knowledge of the legal obligations related to personnel management.
He/she must have a taste for numbers because the statistical dimension is omnipresent in the function.
A great deal of rigor is required because the slightest management error can have a direct impact on the lives of employees.

Responsible for the training

The training manager defines, constructs and pilots the employee skills development policy in line with the company’s strategic objectives.

What are the missions of a training manager?

Thetraining managerdefines and implements the company’s training policy. It identifies the training areas to be developed in relation to the company’s strategic orientations. It implements a policy of individual right to training (DIF) and the training plan by collecting the needs expressed by the employees.
He is also in charge of the administrative management of the training courses and is responsible for the related budget.
He/she manages his/her team in the implementation of the training plan, pilots the recruitment of training organizations and supervises the proper coordination of schedules.

What are the competenciesofa training manager?

The training manager has a good legal culture: without being an expert in social law, he/she must be able to easily understand and follow the legal framework surrounding training. They also have a strong human resources culture: training is part of a global HR policy, and dialogue with other HR entities is essential.
He has the organizational skills to handle the many files he works on simultaneously.
He shows initiative and creativity in launching new training initiatives that better meet the company’s needs.

HR Manager

The human resources manager is responsible for all or part of the development and administrative management of human resources for a given population (function, site, establishment, region). He/she provides HR expertise to operational staff.

What are the missions of an HR manager?

TheHR managerparticipates in the definition of the HR strategy and determines the flagship projects according to this strategy and the expectations of the operational staff. He/she implements HR projects corresponding to the company’s strategy: implementation of the HRIS, new organization chart, organization of working hours.
It also acts as an advisor to operational staff. It responds to their requests in all areas of HR (labor law, training, recruitment, employment contracts, career management, compensation, management of employee representative bodies) and calls on specialized expertise if necessary. It provides them with support in the application of labor law and in the development of their teams.

What are the skillsofan HR manager?

This position requires versatility because it touches on all areas of human resources: recruitment, training, employment law, career management, payroll. It is indeed a generalist position.
The HR Manager must have an economic and financial culture and be familiar with all the company’s businesses.
He/she must be a good listener, have good verbal skills and a taste for field work.
English may be required in international companies.

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Updated 17 May 2023