What is the profile of a good Community Manager?

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You dream of becoming a good Community Manager and be the best with this new digital job? But what are the qualities to be a Community Manager, the skills and the tools you need to master? We detail everything about the perfect profile of a good Community Manager.

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What is community management?

Community Management is a discipline that focuses on the management and engagement of online communities. It is a set of interaction and communication techniques used to build communities, create links and maintain lasting relationships with customers and prospects. The Community Manager focuses on creating content and managing social interactions, as well as identifying and resolving issues.

Social networks have become an essential tool for companies, as they allow them to reach a massive number of people at a very low cost.

What are the qualities to be a community manager?

In order to understand the real qualities needed to be a community manager or a CM, it is important to definethis new job in the digital world : its role with a client and its missions.

What is a CM or Community Manager?

The community manager is a new profession born from the effervescence of the web. Its role is to develop and structure the reputation of a brand, a personality or a company.

The role of the CM

The main role of the community manager is to manage the community of subscribers who follow a brand or a famous person.

  • it must create and increase this community in order to better organize it. Through the different web platforms, the CM will interact with the community of followers or subscribers. He becomes the guardian of the brand’s digital reputation thanks to his commitments and his organizational actions;
  • it must implement a social media strategy in order to obtain a complete audit for each activity. Blogs, social networks and e-mailing allow to analyze the reactivity of the community and to optimize the audience.
  • the CM can define the most appropriate approach in terms of web marketing strategy over a given period of time, to stand out from the competition.

The missions of the Community Manager

To develop its online community, the CM has the following missions:

  • optimize interactions with its community members;
  • to carry out a benchmark to analyze and evaluate the positioning in relation to the digital communication tools;
  • create events and share them;
  • Write, create, or have created and manage the content of digital media and ensure quality;
  • to watch the evolutions of the sector of activity, the new tools of webmarketing and the competition;
  • to make an assessment and an analysis of the returns and to produce a report of the results obtained.

What are the traits you need to have to be a community manager?

The realization of these tasks requires a number of qualities from the Community Manager:


Given his or her role within the company, the CM must be versatile. In order to ensure brand awareness, they must know everything about the product, company or person they are promoting. He/she must master the communication tools that are essential to the performance of his/her tasks.


The Community Manager must know his or her sector of activity by heart. Analyzing comments, monitoring the competition, interacting and reacting to his community, animating the networks,… so many activities related to this job require a very curious character.

The organization

Between emailing, social networks, blogs and comments, the CM must have a sense of organization. Juggling these different functions is not an easy thing to do, you have to be methodical and reactive.


Animating an online community requires an artistic side. The community manager must be creative to create on a daily basis.

The meaning of communication

This is the main quality of a community manager: having a sense of communication. The creation of content, texts or images, the image of the brand, rests on his shoulders. To do this, he must respect the company’s charters and the ethics of his client.

More info on our FAQ which deals with digital issues, work-study, trade etc.

What skills do I need to develop to become a community manager?

If you are interested in becoming a community manager, you should develop the following skills:

  • know how to write perfectly, spelling and syntax impeccable;
  • Be on the lookout for new tools and new trends on social networks;
  • master all the tools on social networks, and know how to create buzz;
  • know the rules and rights of electronic commerce on the web;
  • have knowledge of web content design, images, photos, video, articles, emails.
  • possibly acquire notions in SEO, webmarketing and film.

What tools do community managers use?

To implement his social media strategy, the community manager uses different digital tools, such as :

  • Social networks: Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Discord, Twitter, and many others;
  • mailing;
  • DTP
  • SEO: natural referencing, Google analytics; webmarketing
  • IA
  • all the techniques of webmarketing.

How do I know if I’m cut out to be a community manager?

If you’re considering a career as a community manager, be aware that you need to be versatile, experienced and well trained. The MSc INSEEC offers the Digital Communication and Social Media training which delivers a RNCP BAC+5 title in alternation. This program aims to increase the skills of future marketing professionals in their web marketing culture but also in the hyper-specialized mastery of the social media lever used for visibility, image, acquisition and customer loyalty.

Updated 13 July 2023