What job pays well in luxury?

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There are many professions in the luxury industry. The same applies to qualifications, functions and remuneration. You want to evolve in the luxury industry and make it your job? What job pays well in luxury? We guide you to the right profession in our dedicated article.

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What are the best paid luxury retail jobs?

Are you considering a career in retail? Here are the best paid luxury jobs.

  • The Retail Director. Responsible for implementing the brand’s sales and marketing policy in his sector, he receives a minimum of €55,000 to €65,000 during his first three years of employment.
  • The Shop Manager. He organizes, manages and develops the activity of a sales outlet. His remuneration during the first 3 years can go from 50 000 € to 80 000 €.
  • The Sales Expert. He welcomes and advises customers and manages the stock and the restocking of the goods. His salary over 3/5 years varies between 30 000 € and 35 000 € per year.
  • The Wholesale Network Coordinator. He is in charge of training the network’s sales teams and is responsible for reporting and sales follow-up, as well as other missions. He earns €35,000 to €50,000 during his first years of practice.
  • The Sector Manager. It ensures the commercial, marketing and physical presentation of the company’s products. His remuneration beyond 5 years varies between 45 000 € and 80 000 € per year.

What are the best paid jobs in the luxury industry?

Are you good with your hands? If you want to work in the luxury industry, you should know that some jobs are better paid than others. You can work in different activities such as perfumery, jewelry, cosmetics, leather goods, watchmaking or haute couture. The status of these professions in the luxury industry is being upgraded and they are often very prestigious.

In any case, experience is always an important part of compensation, regardless of the industry. The more experienced you are, the better you will be paid.

What are the best paid luxury jobs in fashion?

Here are the best paid luxury jobs in fashion, allowing you to earn 35 000 € gross per year, at the beginning of your career:

  • The Head or Director of the offer receives from 65 000 to 80 000 €;
  • The retail director in the luxury goods industry earns 60,000 to 80,000 €;
  • the Production Manager receives between 55 000 and 65 000 €;
  • the retail director for a mid-range company earns 55,000 to 60,000 €;

the Materials Purchasing Manager receives €50,000 to €60,000.

What are the best paid jobs in luxury marketing?

Do you want to work in luxury marketing ? Discover the best paid jobs.

  • Regional Sales Manager. Also known as Regional Sales Manager, this position is open to juniors with 0 to 3 years of experience in retail. His salary varies from 42 000 to 48 000 € per year depending on his experience.
  • The Category Manager. It develops sales and profitability of well-defined products. His remuneration varies from 35 000 to 40 000 € per year.
  • The Sales Manager. This position is accessible to holders of the Bachelor of Marketing and Commerce. His salary varies from 38 000 to 42 000 € per year.
  • The Brand manager. The brand manager is responsible for developing the image and awareness of one or more brands in the media. His remuneration varies between 38 000 and 45 000 € per year.

What training at INSEEC allows you to find a well-paid job in the luxury industry?

There are many possible courses: the Bachelor, the Grande Ecole program, the BBA program, the MSC. The majority of these programs are accessible through internships or work-study programs.

At INSEEC, we offer a specialization in Luxury and Wine. TheINSEEC Luxury & Wine programs offer training from BAC+1 to BAC+5 in many fields, such as

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Updated 24 January 2024