Why choose the sales and trade professions?

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The sales and trade professions have their share of advantages, making the sector attractive to more and more young people. There are many opportunities once you have the technical skills and qualities needed. Let’s find out together why you should choose the sales and business professions.

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Why do you want to work in sales and marketing?

When you choose to work in a sales and business profession , you are first and foremost passionate about it. It is impossible to succeed in this field without a great involvement and a real motivation. A sales and marketing manager is directly involved in the development of a company. He is the guarantor of the increase in sales, but also the first responsible in case of a decrease in sales. He must react to each situation to adapt his approach to the reality of the company.

All in all, working in a sales and trade profession is a guarantee of responsibility to the company, but also to the customers. In addition, joining these sectors opens you up to many local and international opportunities. The sales and commercial professions are the most promising at a time when technology is making a significant contribution to business. You will then be paid much more by choosing one of these trades.

What are the main jobs in sales and commerce?

The sales and trade professions are divided into several specialties, each of which is equally profitable. These professions include all activities that revolve around the organization of sales. This can be brand promotion, sales in a physical store, online, or any other form of commerce.

Sales and trade are involved in many areas. Tourism and hotels, health and wellness, food sector, sale of utility products, fashion and sports, presentation of web content, any activity that aims at targets in order to offer them services or products represents the sales profession. Some of these fashionable jobs include:

  • sales agent ;
  • sales animator ;
  • business manager in company ;
  • export business manager ;
  • account manager ;
  • commercial attaché ;
  • business development manager ;
  • store manager ;
  • regional director.

How to work in sales and commerce?

If you are passionate about the sales and business professions, you are already earning points for joining the industry. However, your motivation to work in a sales-related profession must be complemented by the skills needed for the position in question. As you will be joining a dynamic sector, you must above all show dedication to carry out your missions.

To get you on the right track, the important thing is to follow a well-enriched post-baccalaureate pathway that introduces you to sales and business techniques. You must also specialize with a professional training at the end of which you will be immediately operational. Having a business degree is essential to launching your business career.

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What opportunities are available in sales and commerce?

In the sales and trade sector, there are many opportunities , as well as prospects for development. You can be an assistant, negotiator, facilitator or consultant, but you can also choose to operate as a team leader, project manager or brand ambassador.

With business moving more towards the web world, many opportunities are also available in the web professions. Sales representatives, as well as simple sales managers, use modern communication channels to carry out their tasks. From this point of view, all the e-commerce professions are also outlets for the sales professions.

What qualities do you need to have to work in a sales and marketing profession?

Certain qualities are essential to work in sales and commerce. These include listening skills, responsiveness, proactivity, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills.

Technical skills are also required to succeed in this industry. And since this is a sector that provides jobs, you must choose the field in which you will operate. We advise you to go throughone of the programs offered by our business and management school, INSEEC, to develop your skills in this promising sector.

Updated 13 July 2023