Why do a work-study program?

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It is sometimes difficult for a freshly graduated student toenter the workplace, most often due to the lack of experience that most companies hold against them. Do you want to avoid this eventuality at all costs and secure your professional future? Work-study training is an excellent alternative.

Whatever your situation, work-study training can only benefit you when it comes to securing a place in the professional world. But, in what ways is it so beneficial?

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Work-study training: an introduction to the world of work

Among the many advantages of a work-study program, its greatest strength is that it allows you to be introduced to the world of work throughout your apprenticeship. In fact, it consists of taking theoretical courses at the same time as you practice them in the company.

To follow a work-study program, you need to be particularly motivated. In fact, you are the one who has the duty to manage your own time for attending classes, doing the work in the company and the work to be done when you go home. Work-study training naturally requires more effort and involvement than so-called “classroom” training.

But how do you get through it and how can you best organize yourself to take a work-study program? Of course, the work environment plays an important role in your organization and this is what INSEEC offers you by providing you with the possibility of following the most adapted path.

For example, finding an institution that agrees to train students in a work-study program is often difficult since it is above all a commitment. At INSEEC, this is facilitated by the existence of a large network of partner companies and the largest the largest network of business alumni in France . In our school, your introduction to the world of work is greatly facilitated by the support provided by a department dedicated to student/company relations.

Work-study training: recognized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

By choosing to follow a work-study program you are more interested in a job than a diploma. At the same time, you will benefit from a certification training that is recognized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

This is the case with INSEEC. Instead of awarding you a Bachelor’s degree or a BTS, the School offers you an RNCP title that allows you to enter the world of work more quickly. Are you a student looking for a first professional experience? Are you a professional in the process of reorientation? Depending on your situation, INSEEC offers you a choice of 2 types of contracts

On the one hand, you can opt for an apprenticeship contract, which is generally suitable for students under the age of 30 who want to develop their skills as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, you can choose the professionalization contract which is most often the choice of students over 26 years old who are already registered with Pôle Emploi.

In both cases, it is the OPCO to which the company is linked, the State and the company, which pay the tuition fees. There are no training fees for the learner.

In both cases, enrolling in a school for a work-study program is a good investment for your future. There is even a good chance that your future employer or the one you work for during your internship will hire you. Once again, it all depends on the potential you show in your work and your actions.

Work-linked training: a more secure professional future

By deciding to follow a work-study program, you are investing not only your energy and time. While it requires you to work hard to acquire the right skills in both theory and practice, it ensures a more secure professional future. If you do well in the company, you are likely to be selected at the end of your work-study program to join it as a permanent employee. It is only a matter of time before your hard work leads to a stable and comfortable job if you make the necessary sacrifices.

Updated 2 August 2023